CompTIA Network+ Certification – A Career Path for Networking Professionals

CompTIA is an organization that certifies applicants in more than 120 countries around the world. The company publishes its annual progress and future expectations of the IT industry. According to their article, approximately 2.2 million individuals have been issued the certificates from CompTIA.

CompTIA Network+ is a mid-level credential earned by going through the corresponding course and passing the exam. It is usually taken by individuals venturing into the networking career path. The test gauges the potential of a person in handling various issues related to TCP/IP. The exam content was updated in the years 2002, 2005, 2009 in order to maintain its relevance in terms of the dynamic technology.

The Network+ certificate equips its holders with the basic skills of diagnosing and repairing network infrastructure. One is equipped with elementary concepts needed to deal with network systems. The CompTIA Network+ certification is widely renowned and recommended for getting a better place on the job market.

Who is The Target Audience of The Course

Who Forms The Target Audience of The Course?

The certificate is mainly aimed at the individuals interested in entering the IT line of work, especially the area of networking and systems administration. The certification is mostly recommended to the candidates with a certain level of experience in the field however it will be useful for those who make the first steps in this area as well.

Skills provided by the CompTIA A+ certification may be needed for one to effectively go through the Network+ course. This is why the candidates are generally recommended to complete the A+ course before enrolling for the Network+ certification exam. After receiving CompTIA Network+, one acquires knowledge in the following areas: general ideas of network infrastructure, network operations, network diagnosing and safety.

CompTIA Network+ Exam Pattern

The exam offers 90 questions to the registered candidates. The test always includes different types of questions, such as multiple-choice questions with one or several correct answers, drag and drop, etc. The pass mark of the certification test is a score of 700 points while the possible results may vary from 100 to 900 points. The exam is available majorly in five languages: English, Japanese, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. The candidates are required to pay a fee of approximately $300 in order to sit for the exam.

Renewal of CompTIA Network+ Certificate

The CompTIA Network+ certification practice test N10-007 is the best and to keep in mind that the certification is valid for the period of three years, after which the credential has to be renewed. The certificate holder is therefore required to pass the same exam once again, using the Continuing Education program provided by the company.

Earlier, the certification could be obtained once and for a lifetime, but considering the inevitable changes of technology, one is required to consistently renew the certificate, so that his or her skills remain relevant and up-to-date. The Continuing Education program provides training in relation to the course in order to keep the user’s skills on par with newer technology and prolong their credentials with an interval of three years.

To renew your certification status with the Continuing Education program, you need to visit individual visits an online course known as CertMaster CE, which is developed with the sole purpose of renewing CompTIA certificates. Besides completing the online course, the candidate may also collect no less than 20 Continuing Education Units in a period of three years and get his or her credential renewed.

Benefits of CompTIA Network+ certification

Benefits of CompTIA Network+ certification

• Finalizes the requirements of an individual’s training

Since CompTIA Network+ is renowned in the IT sphere, most employers want their workers to acquire the credential in order to achieve a specific set of goals. Besides, the certificate may be useful in getting a higher job position. Most IT companies give a lot of credit to this certification, although some favor the employees with both A+ and Network+, which are a really nice combination.

• Proves an individual’s potential in the field

The certification places an individual in a better position in terms of their curriculum vitae and also acts as a very supportive evidence of their proficiency in the IT field. A professional with this certificate is guaranteed to have excellent networking comprehension, as well as abilities to tackle all relevant issues. With the CompTIA Network+ credential, it would be easier for you to get a promotion. Although other network certification programs exist, this one is the most reliable and valuable one.

• Leads to a large spectrum of careers

The completion of the course leads one to a wide range of career options. It gives the certificate holder a big advantage on the job market by proving his or her skills and abilities. It is almost a guaranteed success in the networking sphere.

Even though no prior qualifications are required before passing the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, there are recommendations for the individuals willing to receive this credential:

  • The potential applicant is recommended to have the CompTIA A+ certification or another similar credential.
  • The individual should have practical experience of 9 to 12 months in the field of networking or any other IT area.

Network+ Career Opportunities

With this certificate, one can apply for the following job positions: Subordinate Network Manager, Network Service Operator, Counter Assistant, Subordinate System Engineer, Network Expert, Network Maintenance Specialist, Network Field Engineer.


The CompTIA Network+ certification program is the best choice for an aspiring IT specialist as it is offered by a renowned and certified organization, which guarantees stability and security of its programs. The credential covers one of the major topics an IT specialist is supposed to know, thus boosting one’s confidence in the IT job market and opening more career opportunities.

The exam is available in the languages that are known in most countries. Plus, the requirements involved are not so demanding, but still quite important for the candidate like the need to be certified in CompTIA A+ and the relevant job experience. The renewal procedure of the certification is quite simple and the steps are clear, so the candidates usually have no problems with attaining their credentials.

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