Know How to Get High Score at ISC CISSP Exam Using Exam Dumps

The security professionals utilize various management frameworks in evaluating risk and setting up documentation regarding their existing IT systems. ISC CISSP exam targets the practitioners and contractors who utilize the Risk Management Framework in their daily tasks.

ISC CISSP is an accredited certification exam that complies with the stringent prerequisites of ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024. It is intended to validate the professionals with the utmost skills that the organizations require during the authorization and maintenance of IS as illustrated in the NIST SP 800-37 Rev 1. The wide spectrum of units that are majored in CISSP CBK ensures that the knowledge instilled is relevant across all topics in the information security arena.

ISC CISSP Exam Topics

These certification exam awards candidates who have a profound understanding of the 7 main domains that are tested respectively during the exam as follows:

      Risk and Management Framework(RMF)20%
      IS Categorizations8%
      Security Control Selection Mechanism13%
      Security Control Enforcement10%
      Assessment of Security Control19%
      IS Authorization13%
      Monitoring of the Security Controls17%

ISC CISSP Exam Details

ISC CISSP Exam Details

At the end of the CISSP exam, the candidate will be competent enough to explain the functionalities of the above domains in detailed. Besides, CISSP exam tests every concept based on the percentage representation of CBK guideline. Each candidate is expected to face a tough and a common exam at any Pearson VUE testing location. In order to ensure the uniformity among the candidates is achieved, the exam is designed to contain a universal format as:

  •     It has 125 questions of multiple-choice extracted from CBK guideline.
  •     The length of the exam is 3 hours.
  •     Every candidate who aspires to get certified must score at least 700/1000 points.

To learn more about

CISSP Certification Requirements

However, CISSP certification has two crucial sections that professionals should meet in order to receive and maintain the certification. The first section is to ensure that he/she meets the qualification based on ISC requirements:

  •     The candidate must have at least 2 years of experience working in an organization that utilizes RMF to in handling their system controls.
  •     One must have been practicing in one of the seven main domains of CBK before desiring to earn this certification.

Secondly, the certification can be earned after meeting the above condition but maintenance is the key to this certification. CISSP certification is considered to be functional when maintained with the utmost professionalism. The key features that should be considered to ensure effective maintenance are:

  •     The certified professional should earn at least 20 CPE credits yearly granted by the (ISC)2.
  •     The professional should also comply with the (ISC)2 code of conduct and the professional ethics.

My Personal Experience with the CISSP Exam

This article is written first hand from the encounter I had with CISSP exam. Every information shared beneath is a good resource for your journey to be CISSP certified. I am CCNA and also CompTIA Security+ certified and have been in the field for quite some years now, so I know how the fact of having a certification is crucial. Technically, CISSP is ideal for anyone who acts in the information security arena.

I had faced the roughest moments when preparing for my previous certification exam because I was still unaware of how the online certification is conducted. I perused on different websites looking for the alternative material to guide me during my preparation. I wish there could have been an article resembling this one at that time. Now, I have come up with sources which sound more appropriate to revive the faded hopes resulting from the unsuccessful search of the mighty guideline.

CISSP preparation was never hard because NIST 800 publication (800-39, 800-37,800-53…) and FIPS 199, 200 are the freely best resources for CISSP exam preparation. The strenuous efforts we might make while gathering money for expensive resources might as well help but not like the free NIST and FIPS. However, you can also visit the official (ISC)2 from CBK and go through to its entirety. Besides, my hunger for knowledge did not end when I got these resources but it proceeded to even go to YouTube in search of instructor-led training tutorials. I found some good stuff there provided by NIST also.

I also used exam dumps in my preparation, but the final step, just to revise the learned material. These files helped me to prepare for certification exams. Since there was a great choice of websites on the internet, I spent a lot of time to find the best one – PrepAway website. The exam dumps available here are valid and updated.

So, if you are looking for reliable exam dumps to prepare for your certification exam, browse

Tips to Pass Any Certification Exam

Tips to Pass Any Certification Exam

I will share the pieces of advice I received when preparing for the CCNA exam. It also applies to the CISSP exam. There are 125 questions which you are to complete within three hours. All the questions are only tied to one answer. That being noted, many students will look for the most appropriate answer thinking that the rest is irrelevant to the course without considering them. CISSP exam setting has no irrelevant technical answers that are intended to tempt the understanding of a candidate. All the four answers are always relevant to the case of study and need every candidate to expound on them. The rush answers we give thinking that only one answer is relevant to the study does not work with CISSP.

Lastly, the utmost secret I can share with everybody who is intending to receive this certification is very simple and unique. ISC CISSP exam setting is based on NIST and CBK guideline, ensure that you read the content fully during your preparation for the exam. Learn how is RMF commensurate to SDLC. The general relation between concepts that are entailed in every domain has to be clearly drawn to avoid confusion in your understanding. Furthermore, understand every nomenclature that is related to information security and risk management because they are widely used in the exam questions.

What’s next? (ISC)2 CISSP Certification

Having obtained (ISC)2 credential I’m planning to get one more certification in security -CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional). This credential is considered to be the best one for those who plan to build their career in cyber security. It qualifies the candidate as a real professional in protecting organizations from massive sophisticated cyber attacks. Since taking this exam requires 5 years of full-time work experience in 2 or more of eight domains related to security, I have one year of practicing. And in a year I will succeed.

To know more details about the CISSP certification exam, visit the ISC2 website.


To work in security or cyber security candidates need to be certified. Certifications from the top vendor as (ISC)2 will assist you in getting a better position and making a successful career in the field you’ve chosen. Getting experience is a requirement, but proper preparation is a must. Make a plan, follow the steps, find the relevant and valid prep materials and achieve the goals you’ve set. Wish you success!

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