Want to Learn Everything About Python Programming, APIs, and Automation Tools After Getting CCNP Enterprise Certification? Explore Cisco 300-435 Exam Objectives with Practice Tests!

Many candidates don’t know where to start when they see that the CCNP certificate gives them the opportunity to choose one of six areas to learn. They form your future knowledge, so it is sometimes may be difficult to go for the one that will lead you to the path you need. In this post, we will offer you to pay attention to the Cisco 300-435 ENAUTO exam. Let’s cover the details of this test and its topics.

Learn Python Programming

Exam Details and Even More

Cisco 300-435 is one of the exams associated with the CCNP Enterprise as well as the Cisco Certified DevNet Professional certifications. Those individuals who are pursuing the first credential will have to take this test or any other from the list of six concentration exams along with the core one – Cisco CCNP 300-435 ENAUTO Practice Test.

Cisco 300-435, fully named as Automating Cisco Enterprise Solutions, is available in the Japanese and English languages and costs $300. It confirms one’s knowledge of implementing a range of enterprise automated solutions, including APIs, programming concepts, Python programming, controllers, and automation tools. You will have 90minutesto answer all the exam questions. Their exact number is not mentioned by Cisco, so you need to expect at least 60 of them.

To schedule Cisco CCNP 300-435 ENAUTO, you need to have a Pearson VUE account. Log into it and then choose the “Proctored Exams” section. Proceed by entering the code of the test, which is 300-435. After that, further instructions will appear and the applicants will have to follow them to complete the registration process.

Exam Topics and Subtopics

Since the CCNP Enterprise credential does not require any formal prerequisites, this also means that there are no requirements for the exams in this certification track. But this doesn’t mean that passing Cisco 300-435 will be a walk in the park. You must have a good understanding of all its objectives to be able to get the passing score. Let’s explore the key details of the domains related to this test.

Networking Programmability Foundation

Covering about 10% of the entire exam content, this subject includes making use of version control with git and covering the following components: diff, push, add, commit, etc. The candidates will face with patterns utilized in synchronous and asynchronous use of APIs, a description of API-style characteristics (REST and RPC) and the challenges encountered. The topic comes with a description of the advantages of virtual environments and interpretation of Python scripts, including data types, conditions, looping, and classes. You also need to know how to use Ansible and Puppet, mainly for automating IOS XE platforms.

Cisco Meraki

This topic covers about 20% of the whole content and focuses mainly on the description of abilities and characteristics of Cisco Meraki. This area also requires that you develop competence in configuring and developing networks by using the Cisco Meraki application programming interface and implementing Python scripts for Cisco Meraki Alert WebHooks.

Python Programming

Automate Protocols and APIs

This is another section that makes up only 10% of the whole exam content. It covers several subsections that include identifying XML and JSON instances based on the YANG model as the main interpretation of RFC8340. The domain also focuses on comparing uses, functionality, and advantages of IETF, OpenConfig, YANG models, as well as NETCONF and RESTCONF.

Cisco SD-WAN

This objective covers 20% of the total Cisco 300-435 exam content and focuses on device inventory APIs and SD-WAN vManage certificate management. You should also know how to implement Python scripts and create API requests.

Cisco DNA Center

This topic area makes up 20% of the entire exam content. It requires that you have knowledge of comparing software-defined and traditional networks. The students also need to know how to describe notifications & events, multivendor support, network assurance application programming interfaces, and intent APIs. They should also be able to apply event outbound WebHooks as well as API requests. Besides, the applicants have to know how to implement app programming interface requests in order to complete tasks by using network discovery, template, and device application programming interfaces.

Network Device Programmability

This domain also covers 20%. It requires that you pay your attention on the usage of NetMiko. You should also be able to construct Python scripts by using ncclient that utilizes NETCONF for the management and monitoring of the IOS XE device. You should know how to use RESTCONF API with the Python requests library to configure a device.

The topics mentioned above are just the general guidelines that are likely to be included in the Cisco 300-435 test. Other related areas may also appear in any particular delivery of the exam. Please note that these guidelines may change at any time by Cisco without prior notice. Therefore, the candidates should keep on checking the official website for any updates or changes regarding the objectives of this certification test.

Python Programming APIs

Practice Anywhere and Anytime

The training course that Cisco recommends for this exam is Implementing Automation for Cisco Enterprise Solutions (ENAUI). It is available through any of the authorized Cisco Learning Partners in different formats. You can take it online with a certified instructor or in a class in real life. In addition, you can also check the ExamSnap website to view available study materials for Cisco 300-435. This platform will provide you with a range of preparation tools that even include a simulator. It will help you prepare for your test without leaving your home as it simulates the real exam atmosphere. You can get a pack with 59 practice questions and use it with this software to identify all your weak areas and improve them before sitting for the actual test.


As you can see, you will have to learn a lot if you want to take the Cisco 300-435 exam. But all your efforts will be rewarded. And your main prize will be the CCNP Enterprise certification. It’s worth fighting for.

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