Boost Your Career of SQL Database Administrator With PrepAway Microsoft Certification Practice Test Dumps

Microsoft is a company that needs no introduction and its certifications are of great value and authority. Getting certified from Microsoft can be good news for your career, here we will be discussing 70-764 practice test, which is one of the most popular among the candidates wishing to build careers of SQL Database Administrator or Database Developers.

Microsoft 70-764 practice test is one of the two tests (70-764 and 70-765) that you need to pass in order to achieve MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration certification. This Prepaway practice test is intended for the database professionals who perform tasks such as installation, maintenance, and configuration.

PrepAway Microsoft Certification Practice Test

These professionals are also responsible for setting up database systems and making sure they are fully operational. Here is the list of the skills measured in this practice test:

  • Configuring Data access and auditing
  • Managing backup and restore the database
  • Managing and monitor SQL service instances
  • Managing high availability and disaster recovery

This practice test is oriented towards SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL. Some topics have been included in the practice test to keep up with the trends of the world.

Certifications and Importance

You will be considered as a Microsoft Certified Professional if you have taken the 70-746 practice test. MCSA certification is a program intended for entry-level jobs in IT and is a prerequisite for advanced certifications. This credential gives you a lot of marketable skills and consequently increase your employment potential. Microsoft Certified Professionals with MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration certification are likely to have a much higher pay scale than uncertified professionals.

Some of the topics that may be covered in 70-764 practice test are:

  • The Data Access and Auditing section include encryption (cell level, always encrypted, backup, transparent data, troubleshoot encryption errors and connection encryption). The topic can appear in 20% questions of the whole practice test.
  • Backing up the Databases and managing them along with formulating a backup strategy. This topic also appears in 20% of the total questions.
  • Monitoring SQL Server is a wide topic that appears 40% in the practice test questions. It includes monitoring queries and database activities and managing indexes and statistics.
  • Another topic is the management of High Availability and Disaster Recovery and covers 20% of the practice test questions. It includes log shipping, Always On availability groups, and failover cluster.

How to Pass 70-764 Certification Practice Test

How to Pass 70-764 Certification Practice Test

Microsoft 70-764 practice test is going to be tough, that is why you need a proper preparation. This test deals with the ability to understand and explain the database restoration process. The candidates should have a bit of experience using SQL Server and how to manage and centralize administration automation. To have a better understanding and overview of the certification, you should find the official printable resources to know the practice test objectives.

Other than this, there are recommended books for your studies:

  • Pro SQL Server on Microsoft Azure: This guide teaches you the basics of Microsoft Azure and sees how SQL on Azure VMS and Azure SQL databases work. This concise book shows how to maintain, deploy, and operate your data.
  • Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Administration: The Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Administration book teaches you how to improve your management and monitoring, protect your work with enhanced security, upgrade performance tuning, scaling, replication, and clustering. The book also includes information about new options for recovery and backup.

For more help, you can enroll in courses such as:

  • Plural sight: The course is totally based on Microsoft Azure SQL with pros such as live mentor support and personalized learning and it furthermore gives you access to offline access and free trial.
  • Solid Q: This course is also based on SQL and helps you in the fields of reporting services, integration services, SQL optimization and tuning, and much more.

In addition, download past practice test papers from several online preparation sites, as they contain previous practice test questions that you need to train. There’s a small chance that the questions can repeat. You can also take a mock practice test on these sites to assess the time-efficiency ratio. One more way, that is a final step of preparation for the practice test is to download 70-764 practice test dumps. They are of great help to check the material you’ve learned.

Just find the websites that offer the most valid and updated prep materials. Among the most reliable are Practice testSnap (offers free .VCE files), PrepAway (provides you with premium packages checked by IT experts), Practice test Collection (contains best video courses). The above-mentioned sites can help you in the best way to pass your practice test. These are only some of the top ones, as a number of similar websites are available on the internet. Now it’s your choice to choose the best one and try your luck.


Passing 70-764 Practice Test

Personal Experience of Passing 70-764 Practice Test

There are two sides to taking any certification: they are the pros and cons. The cons of the certification are that certification practice tests are too costly, each Microsoft practice test costs around $200. If you fail, you’ll need to pay for a retake. But on the other hand, it has a few pros too. Firstly, 70-764 certification practice test is very helpful for a fresher to become certified, thus to be competitive in the job market.

Secondly, it will enhance your skills and knowledge in working with Microsoft products and technologies, making you a valuable person in the organization you are working in. Thirdly, it brings you respect from your colleagues. Fourthly, you can serve as an incentive for your colleagues to upgrade their skills. Moreover, despite a number of prep materials you should pay for, some of them are completely free and effective (for the practice test, practice test dumps).


Once you get MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration certification and you mention it in your resume, it will definitely create a more positive impression. It will make you noticeable from other candidates applying for the same position. What you need is to keep yourself up to date regarding your knowledge and skills. The way you can do it, is just to choose the proper preparation methods and succeed in two practice tests to gain MCSA: SQL 2016 Database Administration credential. Wish you luck!

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