Everyone Failed to Ride This Bicycle. The Reason Behind Is Mind-Boggling

Tying your shoes. Swimming around a pool. Eating like a civilized human being and not like a caveman.

These are things that we’ve learned how to do when we were little kids. Right?

Imagine if someone through a crazy loophole to it. I don’t mean throw things at you literally while you’re trying to eat or something.

I’m talking about if something that you always took for granted when doing these mindless activities just changed. For instance, say that instead of laces you had spaghetti noodles that you had to use to keep your shoes in place. Or imagine if instead of water you had to swim in jello or chocolate pudding.

Yeah. That’s the kind of change I’m talking about.

This video looks at one of the most basic things we’ve ever learned to do: riding a bike.

I know you’re probably wondering what on Earth can they do to a bike to make you not be able to ride it. I still remember when I was a kid, and I first saw one. The bike kind of reminded me of mini motorcycles but for kids. From then on, all I wanted to do is ride one like the big kids did.

One day, I finally talked my dad into getting me one. It was hard at first, but once it was there, it was there forever. Bye bye training wheels!

This video took me on a trip down memory lane from when I would constantly fall on and off the bike. As I kept watching it, I started to get more and more frustrated with the people in it.

Why couldn’t they ride this bike? By the end, it all made sense.

So go ahead and grab your helmet, your knee pads, and your elbow pads and get ready to have your mind blown.

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Credit: SmarterEveryDay

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