Police Officer Does The Incredible to Save These Two Abused Kids From Their Parents

It’s really very hard to think that a tough Pittsburgh police detective with 22 years of service under his belt and an amateur boxer would do something like this, but Jack Mook is a special kind of cop.

He help abused kids and underprivileged kids with community services.

The man is a living legend in uniform.

When these two young brothers came to Jack’s gym for some boxing lessons, he was giving to underprivileged and abused kids, little did they know they would end up in court with him for child abusement.

Couple of months into their lessons and it didn’t take much for detective Mook to figure there’s something wrong with the kids’ foster parents.

What he did next was so thoughtful and loving it pretty much makes him the kindest person in the world.

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Credit: CBS Sunday Morning

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