The Best Browsers That Are Based on Chromium for Windows Users

Previously, all major browsers used their engine. Microsoft Edge worked on the EdgeHTML engine and recently stopped using it in favor of Chromium. Opera also decided to replace its own Presto browser engine with a Blink build engine based on Chromium.

Of all the popular browsers, only Firefox is left with its native Gecko engine. And it can only say that the browser engine war ended, and Chromium (Blink) won it with a big gap.

So what is Chromium? Why do browser developers prefer to use it? First, this is an open-source project that provides better compatibility with web standards and faster integration of new features thanks to the Chromium source.

Also, the Chromium engine has an advantage in terms of security. As Chromium is updated more frequently, it receives security fixes before other browsers.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Recently, Chrome has undergone a major design update. A big plus of the browser is the Chrome online store offers a wide range of extensions. Also, Chrome, with some Google applications, even works offline.

The biggest advantage of Google Chrome is the excellent integration of Google services. When using Chrome on Android or iOS, all browsers and service data will be automatically synchronized between devices. Chrome also provides auto-complete options and password manager features, and also supports dark mode.

The Main Advantages of Google Chrome Windows 10

  • The speed of work (opening pages).
  • Work with Google services.
  • Dark mode

The Main Disadvantages

  • Excessive use of RAM, which sometimes makes working with several active tabs impossible and often loads the operating system to the maximum, making it difficult for other programs to work.
  • Google Chrome collects technical information about using the browser.

Brave Browser

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a Chromium-based browser that is more suitable for privacy-oriented users. The browser aims to provide the highest possible private browsing with all relevant data. By default, the browser shows the number of blocked ads, the estimated save time and the number of trackers blocked on the main page.

Fortunately, the application does not include news integration, which excludes any possibility of distraction. Brave offers a browser for mobile platforms and allows you to synchronize data between a smartphone and a computer.


  • The most confidential browser.
  • Uses fewer resources in the mobile version than Google Chrome and Firefox, which has a good effect on the battery life of the device.

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi is new to the browser world. But this newcomer has already proved to everyone that he has serious intentions. Today it is the most feature-rich browser on the Chromium engine. The browser provides the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality.

The list of functions includes the ability to change the names of search engines, built-in functions of screenshots, reading mode, a note-taking application, session tabs, customizable sidebar tabs, tile tabs and much more.

Advantages to mention:

  • The most functional browser.
  • Good page opening speed.


  • No mobile version. You can’t sync history, bookmarks, and passwords with your smartphone.

Opera Web Browser


The latest version of Opera based on Chromium, called Reborn browser, is already available for download. The new version of the browser has a large number of improvements that have affected mainly the interface. Now the browser looks easier to understand.

Opera is trying to implement all sorts of functions in the browser. Opera allows you to pin WhatsApp, Messenger or Telegram on the left sidebar. Also, the company added a built-in ad blocker and hidden mining and VPN to the browser to bypass blocking sites. Opera also offers a news section that works no worse than that in Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

A useful feature of the browser is the “My Stream” section. You can easily transfer links and notes from the mobile phone to a computer and vice versa. Google and Microsoft also offer a similar solution, but none of them are implemented as conveniently as in Opera.


  • A large number of useful features.
  • Good page opening speed.


  • Like Google Chrome, Opera collects technical information about using the browser, which can be shared with third parties.

Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft Edge Chromium

As we said at the beginning of the article, Microsoft recently abandoned its EdgeHTML engine and switched to Chromium. Microsoft Edge based on Chromium looks good. The company changed the browser interface to give it the native look of Windows, which was in the original Edge browser.

So what makes Microsoft Edge different from Google Chrome? Microsoft replaced all the elements of Google with its own. From myself, I added only the translator, password manager, search engine, and account settings.

Chromium-based Microsoft Edge allows you to use all of Chrome’s Edge extensions. It also works well with all Google services, which was a problem in the original Edge.


  • Ability to use Google Chrome extensions.
  • Integration with the Windows operating system.


  • There is no possibility to change the default search engine from the settings menu. Edge forces the user to use the search engine Bing, and this is not good. Why? Because the Google search engine is better.


Every Chrome-based browser offers something special. Google Chrome is more suitable for those who use Google services. The new Edge based on Chromium is well adapted to Windows users but has not yet gained fans.

Opera has no flaws, this is a good browser, but for those who care about privacy, they may not like the fact that Opera collects user data. Vivaldi is great, but it lacks a mobile platform. And finally, the Brave browser is designed for people who care about privacy.

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