How to Increase Engagement on Twitter Overnight

As of the first quarter in 2018, Twitter had over 335 million active users worldwide. 37% of these active users are between the ages of 18-29 and over half of users earn more than $50,000 a year. Users of the platform post a combined total of 500 million tweets (short messages) a day. This exposure is the reason why many marketers choose this platform to gain interest in their products.

Twitter is Different

Why Twitter is Different

Every social media platform is different and has its own way that it engages its users. Twitter is a fast-paced platform and with only 280 characters allowed per post, you have to make every marketing post count. There are many ways that you can boost your business with Twitter with your tweets. First of all you get your product out there for everyone to see, you can post to several different “boards” using a hashtag.


Check out our new running app Fit&Fun, it will keep you on the right track to reaching your fitness goals! #fit #run #healthy #fun

Each of those hashtags will post it to a different board that people follow, therefore having it show up on their feeds. Once you post, it is a must to interact with twitter users as they reply to your tweet, this is the number one way to boost your Twitter engagement. There is nothing that a consumer likes more than to be recognized by the company. Twitter also allows you to network, build your brand, and gain a fantastic reputation.

Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy

How to Create a Twitter Marketing Strategy

As you can see, Twitter is not all about just posting and being done, you have to keep up with your posts and interact with users. To generate more followers, you will need to craft your tweets carefully. For instance, you are going to want to look up trending tweets and find a way to tie in your product with that trending hashtag.

For example, if Halloween is coming up:

If you don’t want to look like a ghoul this halloween, try our new running app Fit&Fun! #halloween #fit #lookyourbest #feelyourbest

You can also use Twitter as a way of sizing up your competitors and to keep one step ahead of them. You can also connect with hotshots of the industry you are in by getting them to follow you they may buy your product and give you a shout out, you never know! When you create your post make sure to include videos and pictures so that you can give the consumer a detail look inside your product.

Twitter also has a timing tool that will help you find out the best time to post your tweet, based on both you and your followers’ tweets. Make sure all the fields on your profile are filled out and that you get your account verified so that users know they can trust you.


Twitter can obviously be a great tool for you to use for marketing your business. The main thing that you have to remember to build a great Twitter profile, is to carefully build your tweets and interact with the users that post on that tweet. Follow the trending tweets and find a way to make your tweet relate to that hashtag to get the highest number of viewers and followers. Make sure you make your posts interesting and edgy to capture viewers, include videos, testimonies and pictures.

Once you get the hang of it and do your research on other twitter users in the same market, you will be well on your way to getting your product out there!

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