41 Cool Cakes That Are Creative and Too Cute to Eat. #29 Is Awesome

If you’ve ever prepared a cake, you understand how important it is to decorate and present it accordingly.

To make cool cakes such as the ones listed below, you need to be creative as well as use the right ingredients in decorating and presenting them.

The presentation of any food is as important as its taste. Even though it is not possible to taste any of the beautiful cakes below, you’ll agree that they look delicious from the way they’ve been decorated.

The right ingredient gives you the perfect decoration and presentation for your cake.

These cakes have been decorated using fondant, an ingredient that is used as a coating for cakes and pastries. For cakes that need decoration with various color and consistencies, fondant is the best ingredient for use. However, not every person finds it delicious.

If you are looking for some cake decorating ideas, then you are good to go. Compare the different cakes presented on the list and you should be able to find a favorite choice.

These cool cakes also offer cake ideas for people that do not know exactly the kind of cake to prepare for their upcoming special event.

Cool Cakes Ideas That Are So Delicious

Comment on your favorite cake even as you submit below more cakes that are not included on this list.

1. Ocean Cake

Cool Cakes - Ocean Cake

2. Boat in a Cup Cake

Cake Ideas - Boat in a Cup Cake

3. Monsters Cake

Cake Decorating Ideas - Monsters Cake

4. ‘Up’ Cake

Awesome Cakes - Up Cake

5. Wedding Cake

Amazing Cakes - Wedding Cake

6. The Library Cake

Cool Cakes - The Library Cake

7. Tinker Bell Cake

Cake Ideas - Tinker Bell Cake

8. 3D Baby Shower Cake

Cake Decorating Ideas - 3D Baby Shower Cake

9. Alice in Wonderland Cake

Awesome Cakes - Alice in Wonderland Cake

10. Back to School Cake

Amazing Cakes - Back to School Cake

11. Box of Flowers With Gumpaste Shoe Cake

Cool Cakes - Box of Flowers With Gumpaste Shoe Cake

12. Beer Bucket Cake

Cake Ideas - Beer Bucket Cake

13. Birthday Books Cake

Cake Decorating Ideas - Birthday Books Cake

14. Giraffe Cake

Awesome Cakes - Giraffe Cake

15. James Bond Cake

Amazing Cakes - James Bond Cake

16. M&M and Maltesers Coated Cake

Cool Cakes - M&M and Maltesers Coated Cake

17. Masha and The Bear

Cake Ideas - Masha and The Bear

18. Minion Cake

Cake Decorating Ideas - Minion Cake

19. Monster Cake

Awesome Cakes - Monster Cake

20. Nikon Camera Cake

Amazing Cakes - Nikon Camera Cake

21. Princess Diana Cake

Cool Cakes - Princess Diana Cake

22. Pandas Cake

Cake Ideas - Pandas Cake

23. Piggies in The Mud Cake

Cake Decorating Ideas - Piggies in The Mud Cake

24. Planet Cake

Awesome Cakes - Planet Cake

Amazing Cakes - Planet Cake

25. Polo Shirts Cake

Cool Cakes - Polo Shirts Cake

26. Pug Cake

Cake Ideas - Pug Cake

27. Ready to Go Off to Medical School Cake

Cake Decorating Ideas - Ready to Go Off to Medical School Cake

28. Roller Coaster Cake

Awesome Cakes - Roller Coaster Cake

29. Red dragon Cake

Amazing Cakes - Red dragon Cake

30. Summer Delight Cake

Cool Cakes - Summer Delight Cake

31. Super Mario and Company Cake

Cake Ideas - Super Mario and Company Cake

32. Anaconda Cake

Cake Decorating Ideas - Anaconda Cake

Awesome Cakes - Anaconda Cake

33. Sweet Treat Cake

Amazing Cakes - Sweet Treat Cake

34. The Great London Cake-Off

Cool Cakes - The Great London Cake-Off

35. The Perfect Cake for Archeologists

Cake Ideas - The Perfect Cake for Archeologists

36. The Heinz Cake

Cake Decorating Ideas - The Heinz Cake

37. Van Goghs Starry Night Cake

Awesome Cakes - Van Goghs Starry Night Cake

38. Worldly Cake

Amazing Cakes - Worldly Cake

39. Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

Cool Cakes - Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

40. ‘Ice Age’ Cake

Cake Ideas - Ice Age Cake

41. Pussy Cat Cake

Cake Decorating Ideas - Pussy Cat Cake

The list presents several cake ideas that can help you prepare awesome cakes for your family and friends.

How did you find the cakes? Of course, every person is likely to fall in love with such incredible and beautiful cakes. In fact, most people will be curious to see the inside of the listed cakes.

The first step towards preparing such cool cakes is using the right ingredients, especially in decoration. It also takes a lot of creativity to come up with the respective shapes for each cake. Have fun as you prepare your first cake.

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