What Are The Efficient Ways To Automate Workflows?

Workflow automation is the process of improving a business’s workflow by using technology to do the task being done by its employees. Simply put, this is implemented to automate manual work to save time, costs, and increase productivity. Automating any department in a company is very much feasible, making every employee work smarter while simplifying workflows within each department.

Business departments like human resources, marketing, and finance can be automated through workflows.

Workflow Automation

Human Resources

Recruitment workflows can be very tedious especially for numerous data from a large number of applicants. Having an automated software to sort and keep applicant and employee data can make processes a lot easier.


Workflow automation in the marketing sector can be done by automated software that can schedule sending of business to business or business to customer emails automatically and similarly it can also set schedules for posting advertisements through social media platforms.


One of the most critical processes in business is financial data processing. By having an automated workflow, budget tracking and releasing can become easier and more accurate. Thus, automated workflows also reduce the risk of human error.

These are just a few areas in a business whose workflows can be automated. Other departments that can be automated are Sales and Information Technology. The benefits would be the same, the burden of manual processes is eliminated. Here’s a collated list of ways of implementing automated workflows for your business:

Implement AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning is a very common type of artificial intelligence used in business. Machine learning is a very useful tool that can automate large amounts of data to be processed. It can quickly analyze real-time data, identifying patterns, and irregularities. For example in a production line, a piece of equipment suddenly slows down in its output, an algorithm in machine learning can give a message on the screen, an email, or a notification on your mobile phone that this particular machine already needs maintenance.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is commonly seen as a support tool. It also supports data mining and analysis. An AI can let human beings make decisions after it has presented data, and nowadays it plays an important role in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Some software still allows human intervention to manage and stay consistent in this process, but most business owners now get a chatbot maker to incorporate artificial intelligence into this software to make the system self-updating and self-correcting and are now more reliable for your business process.

AI and Machine Learning

Search for Repetitive Tasks

In looking for areas to automate, study your processes, and look for repetitive tasks. There are mundane activities that are repeatedly done from day-to-day. And as you manage the business, more tasks are coming your way and without a doubt everything piles up and everything seems to overwhelm you. Automating some of these repetitive tasks can eliminate your manual steps in the business and now allow you to focus on running the business efficiently.

Establish a Business Cycle

To automate your business, you may need to create a business cycle. First thing you need to identify is your business goals, from here your automation process should be aligned at driving people towards your products or services. Understand clearly what tasks are involved, who does them and how long does it take to complete execution. Your main goal of course, is making the automated workflows tailored to your business goals. It should make your potential customers interact with your business without too many human interventions, thus it gives them a good experience and eventually turns their next steps to become your sales.

Have it Repeatable yet Simple

Since your automation system is designed to do repetitive tasks, start with these simple processes to automate. Automating these small tasks can have a huge impact. Aside from the fact that these can be easier to automate compared to large workflows, it makes it simpler to check if the automation is effective for the business. When you start automating simple processes, you can see that your business is now making progress, you can now delegate more important tasks to your employees in growing the business.

Connect Solutions

Connect Different Solutions

If you want to make a complex process to become simpler and faster to accomplish, integrate your existing workflows. An example is to connect your project management software to your task list and link it up to your employee database. This can eliminate the tasks of sending them emails regarding their tasks and giving updates on projects. This allows every member of your team to transparently see task updates and it can improve their overall performance by allowing them to see your business performance dashboard.

Empower, Educate and Outsource

Establish a team to take ownership, give out clear policies and procedures to make this automation workflow a success. Encourage everyone to give their suggestions, you may not necessarily take everything to be implemented on the floor, but allowing them to give their inputs empowers them, and gives them the feeling of taking ownership and being responsible to make the workflows efficient. You may build a core team and hire some outsourced advisers who can help you in the business. These may be experts in marketing, sales, bookkeeping, and handling calls from your customers.

In today’s competitive market, having an automated business workflow will keep any business running. This process is not an overnight job, so you need to be patient, and as you transition, make sure that existing procedures and tasks are still smoothly carried out. Automating should not hinder you from operating existing processes. Then once the system is ready, migrate to the new system smoothly by having a transition plan so as not to halt processes and lose any data that you initially have established.

Resources to automate your business workflows are plenty in the market, you just need to choose the proper software that will work with your existing business cycle. The ways mentioned above will help you start and be on the right path as you make your business grow through process workflow optimization and sales generation.

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