Do You Want to Fail Your Freshman Year? No. Then Read This Article

Freshmen year is probably the second most challenging year for a college student. Second because, of course, the last year will always be the tough one. While it’s one of the most challenging, it’s also perhaps the most tempting.

Tempting, yes. You read that right. Because you’re too excited. You’re still too vulnerable with the independence and freedom you’re starting to experience. You start to liberate yourself on adulthood and if you lack discipline, you’ll surely suffer in the end.

In this post, we will provide the reasons why most students fail their freshman year compiled by team at Essay Zoo. Likewise, we will give tips for first year college students so they’ll be able to avoid these scenarios. We will show you how to be a successful student. Once you have learned these things, you’ll surely not fail your subjects until you graduate.

1. Skipping classes.

Professors care about your attendance. Some of them say that it’s okay not to attend classes, but believe me, it’s not. The reason is simply because it’s hard to catch up when you miss even one single lesson. Your instructor’s syllabus is designed to make the lessons in the class flow smoothly. More than that, they were created in a manner that the lessons are interconnected with each other. Thus, how do you expect to understand the next lessons if you will skip your classes?

One should be meticulous when attending his classes. Yes, sometimes it gets boring especially when the teacher always speaks of the same thing. Yet, most of the times, it’s exciting. The lessons may be plain and boring, but truth is, teachers always try to make them fun and interesting. Moreover, one should be able to learn how to love learning. Once this is accomplished, it would be easier for that person to attend classes without even having to force himself.

Failing college - partying too hard

2. Partying too hard.

Attending parties is okay. After all, one needs to loosen up every once in a while. However, partying too hard is not okay. Particularly, enjoying too much when you have a long quiz for tomorrow’s class will never be okay. In here, discipline is the key.

When one’s disciplined enough to know his boundaries, partying and studying at the same time won’t be a problem. One has to manage his time well so he won’t have to suffer the consequences in the end.

There’s nothing wrong with creating fun memories especially in college. Freshmen year is actually the best time where a student can enjoy a lot. But once you get to proceed in the next years of your college life, it wouldn’t be easy to find time to enjoy anymore. Thus, it’s okay to party while you’re still in your first year. However, make sure that you don’t party too hard or your grades will surely suffer.

3. Losing the balance.

In relation to the previous guideline, keeping the balance is extremely essential. Yes, one needs to spend some time enjoying youth at its best. However, it is equally important as well to pass all his subjects.

When one starts to lose the balance between studying and having fun, that’s where the problem begins. He starts to lose his focus and concentration, and studying becomes a big deal. When that happens, he starts to lose as well his interest in whatever’s going on with his life. Whether it’s about college life or social life, one starts to get fed up with all what’s going around him.

Thus, if one wishes to keep on playing on the game, he needs to keep the balance within all aspects of his life. Without such balance, he will not be able to cope up easily with the demands that college brings.

4. Not getting involved.

There are a lot of school activities going around each year. Different organizations usually engage in a lot of events to further widen their experiences as college students. Likewise, every year, they recruit new students to join their group so their organization will not cease to exist.

On a more specific note, these organizations are not just there to hold annual activities. The higher years in the group, particularly the seniors, usually guide the lower years in dealing with their college lives. They provide old notes and sample test papers that could help the lower years in studying.

Thus, it probably wouldn’t hurt if one joins these organizations. After all, they are there to help and not to drag you down.

Failing college - not budgeting your money

5. Not budgeting your money.

Let’s say you need some materials for a project. Or maybe, you need money for a field trip. You wouldn’t want to hassle your parents asking for money every once in a while, right? A student has to learn how to save money and how to budget expenses in order to pay for school stuff in case the need arises.

Most of the times, going to college means starting to live on your own. It’s the point in one’s life where he or she starts to live away from his parents or family. Hence, there is a need to keep track of expenses so one would not go away spending all his allowance in just a day.

6. Having a too-tight schedule.

This is somewhat related to keeping the balance. It is important for a student to pass all of his or her subjects. However, it’s not advisable that he adheres to a too-tight schedule.

When one has a tight schedule, he begins to take for granted some aspects of his life. Once he does, the feelings of stress and burn out arise. One becomes bombarded with all the academic-related requirements that he needs to get good grades. That is not good. There still has to be a balance between one’s academic and social life. Because if there will be none, a student would feel undeniably sad and lonely. When such feelings gets to one’s feet, he will surely miss the chance of enjoying his college life.

Moreover, it’s not good to have a schedule that is too tight because you might not get to finish everything you planned for the day. Thing is, you’ll just get disappointed. Studies actually show that people who know how to balance their time and admit that they can’t do everything in a day are the most productive ones.

Your first year in college is when you start conquering your study battles. The most important thing you need to know is that you have to start early. Yes, do these things while you’re still in your freshman year. All you need is to possess the right amount of determination and discipline.

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