Fast Facts about the American Flag

There are many interesting facts about the American Flag. I bet you already know the 13 stripes stand for the original colonies, and the 50 stars represent each of the States. Your high school teacher also probably told you, Betsy Ross, initially designed the flag. There are, however, many interesting facts about Old Glory you might not know. We discuss some of them in these articles:

Where To Buy

But before we go into the interesting facts, we should discuss where you can buy American flags with the best materials.

First, there are many online stores that sell the American flag. This is both good and bad. Good in the sense that with many stores stocking the flag, you will only get one should you ever need it. The bad aspect is that there are too many fakes. The best stores use the hardest possible thread, which helps in making the stars on the flags very bright, white, beautiful and also very strong. To discover these stores, you can read different product review sites. These will help you find out what others are saying about any store.

Facts about the American Flag

Where You May Need The American Flag

According to a write up on, the American flag is used in courtrooms, offices, houses, churches etc. You can choose to use the American flag anywhere as a proud American. However, ensure you do not use the flag in places you know will cause problems like illegally using it in another country. Of course you can use the American flag in your house and office even in other countries, but before flying the American flag in other countries, you want to check what the laws there say.

Know The Facts

1. Betsy Rose Was Not the Designer

This is a myth, but many people do not know. Although a large credit goes to Betsy Rose as the designer of the American Flag, there is no evidence that this is the case. Without a doubt, Betsy was a prolific seamstress who sewed many flags during her days. Based on records, her name was not even mentioned until 1876, almost a century after America was founded.

Besides, the records were from her grandson; hence Betsy is likely not the real creator of the U.S. Flag.

2. The Flag Once Had 15 Stars And Stripes

Every time a new state was created, a new and updated version of the American flag was also made. As a result, when Kentucky and Vermont were created, there was a new version of the U.S. Flag with 15 stars and stripes.

As more states were created, the increasing number of stripes became a concern. As a result, they decided to go back to the original 13 stripes, which stood for the old, original 13 colonies. The stars, however, continued to increase as the number of states also increased.

3. Five Of the Six Flags On The Moon Could Still Be Standing

According to the images taken by NASA, five of the six stars on the moon are still standing. Although, there is the belief that the flags might have lost their color and texture due to decades of exposure to the scorching sunlight.

It is the flag planted by Neil Armstrong during the Apollo 11 mission that might not be standing again.

High School Student Designed The Flag

4. A High School Student Designed The Current Flag

There were thousands of updates flag designs sent to President Dwight D. Eisenhower when the state of Hawaii and Alaska were created. The one selected was a design from a high school student, Robert G. Heft, a 17-year-old kid. This kid made the flag for his design project, not knowing his design will never be forgotten in history.

5. Robert Had A B- for The Design Project

One will think Robert will be awarded a prize and A with the stars for his brilliant design. This, however, was not the case. He not only got a B but a B minus. Why give the Kid a B? Why belittle his invention? Was the teacher expecting something spectacular from the kid?

Well, the student notified the teacher that his design was selected as the new American Flag. His grade was reviewed, and he was awarded an A! Well deserved, right?

6. Old Glory Was the Nickname Of A Particular Flag

Old Glory was an old American flag designed by Captain William Driver, a sea captain. There was no record of how the name came into being. There are speculations, however, that he simply loved the name. The Old Glory was flown on the ship’s mast and in his front yard.

7. The Flag Only Gets Updated On Independence Day

According to the Flag Code of the United States, whenever a new state is created, the flag can only be updated on the fourth of July. This is when the state will be officially recognized by the U.S. Flag. As a result, any new state officially discovered will have to wait till the next independence date before it is recognized on the flag.

Display the American Flag

8. There Is A Sleep-Wake Schedule For the Camp

The federal law and regulations specify that the flags should only be displayed from sunrise to sunset. Should the flag, however, be displayed round the clock, it should be illuminated at night. Many people, however, display the flag around the clock as a sign of patriotism.

9. Proper Care And Disposal Of The Flag

The flag can be mended if spoilt, washed or dried cleaned if dirty. These maintenance measures are recommended for the American flags, although they are not specifically addressed in the United States Flag Code.

Any U.S. flag that is beyond repair should be appropriately disposed of. The flag code specifies that such a flag should be burnt.

Here are fun and fast facts about the United States flag. We hope you have learnt the historical significance of the US flag and how important it is to the life of each American. Every part of the flag is significant and speaks of the greatness of the nation.

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