German Man Splits Up With His Girlfriend, Splits Their Possessions in Half, Literally!

When a couple splits up, usually all their shared possessions are divided equally between them.

But one man took it a step further and literally split everything they owned in two.

A German man, who seems to be splitting with his girlfriend, is moving on. He’s decided to divide their possessions in half, used a power tool to cut through items including a car and a bicycle.

His former girlfriend reportedly received her share of goods in the post, while the man is selling his on eBay.


Half of iPhone for his girlfriend


Half of Chairs for his girlfriend


Half of Car for his girlfriend


Half of Laptop for his girlfriend

Samsung TV

Half of TV for his girlfriend


Half of Bicycle for his girlfriend

DVD Player

Half of DVD Player for his girlfriend

Cell Phone

Half of Cell Phone for his girlfriend


Half of Bed for his girlfriend


Half of Fluffy for his girlfriend


Half of Record for his girlfriend


Half of Letterbox for his girlfriend

Music CD

Half of Music CD for his girlfriend


Half of Helmet for his girlfriend


Half of Couch for his girlfriend

Clothes Cabinet

Half of Clothes Cabinet for his girlfriend

This is how he did it. Watch his in action.


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