Survival Guide on How to Keep the Study-Work Balance

For some people, combining work and study may seem like something from science fiction. If you don’t want to lose enthusiasm and not get kicked out of work or college, you will need to know a list of guidelines. Prepare for the fact that this path is hard – but it is totally worth every effort.

On the one hand, life will have a rapid rhythm. You may need to sacrifice your hobby, leisure time, and even relationships. On the other hand, you have personal finances that allow you to improve the quality of life and gain invaluable experience in the chosen direction. If you get a job in a specialty in which you study, then the chances of further growth in this area will double.

If you are currently working in a company and have decided to get a degree, or you are a day student who wishes to earn extra money, this guide is for you!

Understand That You Really Need to Study & Work

1. Understand That You Really Need It

The less you are sure that you need to combine work and study, the more likely you will lose interest and motivation. Write down the reasons why you need it, how it will benefit you, and what possible challenges are waiting for you. Do you feel that all of these are manageable and worth your time? If yes, hold on closely to the list. It will be your guiding star in times when you will feel embarrassed or exhausted.

2. Define Your Perspectives

If you are a student, you can find a part-time job or think about creating a startup. It will be the best possible decision considering good time-management. You still have risks like losing money from an unsatisfied client or having troubles with college homework. Don’t let yourself be fooled – always ask for a contract or some other proof. Don’t give up, as these difficulties shouldn’t stop you from implementing your dream into reality.

If you are a full-time worker, try to talk with the boss on whether the company provides studying opportunities. Also, it may happen that the company will sponsor your education or give extra hours for studying.

3. Set The Right Priorities

Define priorities in work duties. It’s one of the most important things that will bring the greatest result. Also, set priorities in your homework. Define the most valuable works in the current semester which may significantly affect your overall score and define the deadlines for each homework. After that, combine the lists of priorities and determine the time required to complete each task. A carefully drafted plan will create a sense of confidence that you can control the situation.

If you choose to combine study and work, you will have to adapt to life circumstances and make sacrifices and concessions. You should not leave college, as a good education increases the chances of building a career that will bring excellent earnings.

Set The Right Priorities

4. Accept Help From Everyone

Can your friend help you with a certain subject or recommend you to a particular company? Or, perhaps someone can cover you today at work or sit with your baby? Don’t skip the chance! If you are puzzled with sacramental questions like, “How can I finish all my assignments within the deadline?” you can get a cheap paper from a professional writer or writing service. There is nothing wrong in accepting help when it’s a real challenge to be good both at college and work. Imagine that you are in a battle, and to win you need to use any source.

5. Apply Time-Management Skills

Plan everything up to the minute. Keep a calendar or planner where you can record all your tasks for the day and next week. Don’t make plans that are too big. Everything should be manageable.

All your tasks should be divided into three categories. The first contains the most important tasks that require prompt implementation. The second contains moderately important tasks that can be scheduled for tomorrow. And the third category will be minor tasks that are not really important. To make them visually attractive, give each category a certain color.

Depending on your preferences, you can use Google Calendar for notifications or hold a day planner. You can cross out the fulfilled tasks – this gives a sense of completeness and adds motivation.

6. Maintain Good Relationships

Keep friends with fellow students. You must be sure that you can get support from them at any time. In this case, you can keep up with the latest news that occurs in your college. Also, contact students from the senior courses who can share with you valuable information and insider information about a particular class and professor.

Always stay in touch with your professors. Give them constant feedback about the current research or comment on your pitfalls. Talk to your professors about your work – maybe they will become more forgiving.

Build trustful relationships with your boss and colleagues. Discuss your schedule and responsibilities with your boss. Always remember that you work in a team where a lack of communication and indifference may negatively affect the company in general.

Maintain Good Relationships

7. Let Yourself Rest

Don’t exhaust yourself with work and study. The constant pressure may lead to a nervous breakdown. If you have the feeling that you are close to burnout, you are depressed and have a lack of motivation, it may be a signal that it’s time to take a rest.

Prefer those types of leisure that will be beneficial to your health. For example, evening runs is a great option. While running, you can free your mind from negative thoughts and reflect on future plans. Try meditation, walk with friends, read books, listen to interesting podcasts, or take a bath.

Remember that your health (both physical and mental) is one of the most valuable things in your life. Without good health, you can forget both about college and work. You can also set the deadline: no work and studying after 11 p.m.

8. Concentrate on The Current Situation

Don’t think about studying problems at work, and vice versa. When you enter your office or meet the client, forget that you need to come up with the research topic for your dissertation. Psychologists recommend to wear the “hat” of a student at college and wear the “hat” of an employee while at work. Don’t try to communicate with your clients during the ten-minute break between classes. Remember that there is a time and place for everything.

Wrapping Up

Remember that you can stop at any moment. You haven’t dealt with a devil to work for a specific company. And no one has forced you to go to college. It’s your life, and it’s you who is able to stop doing something you don’t need.

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