An Influencer’s Guide on How to Optimize Your Instagram Hashtags

Indeed, getting the most out of your content on Instagram can boil down to some pretty simple tactics. While there are a lot of ways to implement extensive data collection to optimize your Instagram content exposure, some can be much more accessible. One way is through hashtags.

Hashtags are simple identifying keywords using the # symbol as a prefix. This keyword helps organization of similarly used keywords to provide an easy way to engage with posts, comments, or content to guide users towards topics of interest. Instagram is no stranger to the importance of hashtags as they can be used for influencers to get more exposure if used properly.

So, if you need help optimizing your hashtag use on Instagram to improve your content engagement, check out these tips.

Instagram Data

Utilize Instagram Data

Instagram, like many other social media platforms, allows you to analyze data on your posts to see how many people are viewing your content, and at what times. The difference with hashtags, is that you can see how effective individual ones are, and how you can alter the usage of them to get more traffic. Not only does the use of the data help with your analysis of which hashtags are good, but what quality this traffic is. You want good hashtags that are getting good return on engagement levels.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Some people use as many hashtags as they want because they think it will help improve the amount of exposure their posts will get. While the traffic to your posts might increase, the engagement with your content in terms of likes, shares, story posts, etc. will probably see only slight changes. Using hashtags that are relevant to your posts will help you interact and get interactions with people and pages using similar themes. If you were trying to start a travel page, you would not likely want to use #cooking, because this would be pretty irrelevant to someone trying to see photos or videos of travel advice or travel adventures.

Use Similar Hashtag Strategies as Influential Pages

Big pages in similar topics or themes as yours reached that point by adopting similar strategies as the influential pages before them. You can do the same by monitoring their posts, stories, and what kind of content they make. Using similar hashtags can improve your posts because they are likely going to attract an audience that has been tailored to hashtags that are relevant. Even going as far as messaging them for advice on how they use their hashtags can help you figure out which keywords to be used and which ones to avoid. This can be done through the Instagram page analytics data, but sometimes it is good to get information directly from the people who are taking advantage of these hashtags.

Instagram Hashtags

Hide Hashtags in Your Captions

Typing three characters, hitting return, using a dot or dash, and repeating this for 3 to 4 lines can help you bury a glut of hashtags to promote your post in the caption. While everyone knows people use hashtags to get more interaction with their content, no one really wants to see a meaningful caption followed by a bunch of individualized keywords. This strategy helps you keep your posts looking clean, but also taking advantage of hashtag potential. Keep in mind that your caption can only hold 30 hashtags so use them wisely.

Edit Past Posts to Include Hashtags

Going back to previous posts to update them with more relevant or new hashtags is a good way to reinvigorate interest in your older content. Sometimes you might have posted a photo that you absolutely love, but it gets buried on your feed when a new hashtag that would be applicable, comes around, this is why you can go back and edit it. Whether you edit the caption or a comment, it is super simple and very effective. Branded hashtags that are promoted by or created for popular products and brands can come around after you have posted content, so it is always a good idea to update your posts.

Optimizing the use of your hashtags is very easy. Following these tips will help you utilize your content with accessible keywords. Hashtags on Instagram are a common way to connect people with similar topics, and help you promote content that is relevant to a wider audience. Implementing the advice here is useful for anyone trying to beef up their page engagement, content engagement, and venture into the world of Instagram influencing.

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