Aspiring teen model with down syndrome is determined to redefine the standards of beauty

Recently, photos of a young girl with a genetic condition hit social media and it’s not slowing down. With over 100,000 likes in 48 hours, Madeline Stuart (with the help of her mum to run her Facebook page) has an amazing story to tell of self-confidence, health, fitness and weight loss.

Meet Madeline Stuart.

Madeline Stuart

She’s 18 years old and from Brisbane, Australia.

Madeline Stuart

She’s an aspiring model.

Madeline Stuart

She has Down syndrome.

Madeline Stuart

Maddy struggled with her weight from a young age.

Madeline Stuart

She recently lost 40 lbs. thanks to dance, cheerleading, and swimming.

Madeline Stuart

She says “Modeling will help change society’s view of people with Down Syndrome…” adding “Exposure will help to create acceptance.”

Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart

Madeline Stuart

Maddy’s mum Rosanne says, “Madeline’s relationship with me is almost telekinetic. We have the most amazing bond, we just adore each other. She is my only child and it has been just her and I since she was born. I’m very social – she’s my mini me! Maddy is so confident, she has no hang ups. She is more than happy to parade around the house showing me how gorgeous she is with her hand up behind her head swaying her hips, as if to say, ‘Look at me!’ She is not insecure in the least, but I have made a point of never letting anyone be critical of her. I tell her every day how amazing, funny, smart, beautiful, wonderful she is!”

“People with Down syndrome can do anything. They just do it at their own pace,” she said. “Give them a chance and you will be rewarded beyond your greatest expectations.”

For more on Maddy, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

Credits: BuzzFeed

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