Types Of Countertops You Should Consider For Your Kitchen

The best feature you could ever add to your kitchen is a beautiful countertop that will serve as the focal point of that area of your house. It should also be functional and long-lasting as this is where you will perform most of your kitchen duties and tasks. If you are considering a countertop to be installed in your kitchen, you should know about the best choices that can provide you both with functionality and aesthetics.

Ceramic Countertops

Ceramic Tile

One of the classic decorative materials you can use for your countertop is ceramic tiles. These are versatile materials with varying colors and styles to choose from. If you have a flair for experimental and colorful modern designs, then choosing a ceramic tile would be an adventure for you. There are tiles intended for flooring and bathroom areas, but there are also those which are made specifically for counters and kitchen use.

There are plenty of designs to choose from and you can experiment with the pattern to be used. These materials are affordable so you don’t have to go broke and they are sturdy enough because this material is non-porous. For maintenance, you would need a regular grout resealing so that it will last longer.

Natural Stone

This has become a staple in any construction work and has been one of the most commonly used materials for countertops, even though it was once considered to be exclusive to expensive homes. Canadian homes are specifically adorned with various kinds of natural stones which are both decorative and high functioning.

You can find materials made of quartz and marble countertops Cowichan Valley and Victoria zone, which means it would be readily available to you if you live around these areas. This is your chance to get your hands on a high-end material that will look fabulous in your kitchen.

Stone Countertops


Wood counters are made from the sturdiest of trees that also provide that earthy feel and versatility. It gives off a warm ambiance to a home while providing an ideal work surface for you to do your kitchen tasks. Adding to this is its heat resistance which makes it great for stocking hot pots and pans. Though it tends to show knife marks and can get worn out from constant use, it’s maintenance would just involve putting an additional fresh layer of coating or wood sealant.

Additionally, you can source out different kinds of wood to be made as your countertop. The design and color can be limited, but the authenticity of having a genuine wood as your countertop is valuable. After all, wood only gets better with age.

Even though countertops are generally small details, they add a sparkle of color to the overall design of your kitchen. With your creativity and preference, you can add so much value to this part of your home. As much as they should be beautiful, they should be accommodating to any activity in the kitchen so choosing only the best materials will ensure that only good things will come out of this place.

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