What Mom Never Told You about Your Rights

Our moms are perhaps the greatest gift from Mother Nature to us. They nurture us, see us play in the mud, sometimes discipline us and see us grow into successful adults with a purpose and ambitions in life. We learn most of the things from them and they struggle to prepare us for the future ahead. However, they too are human beings and they may not cover all the subjects or topics that we need to learn about life, especially when it comes to legal matters.

Growing up, you may or may have not had the perfect relationship with your mom. Nevertheless, like a good mom she is, she may have left some important parts that were irrelevant.at the time Now, this is a major problem with people nowadays. They don’t know their rights or it may be irrelevant to them. Now, it’s very important that as a citizen of any state, to be informed of your human rights. It may be taught at home when growing up, in school or self-learned. Let’s look at the importance of knowing your human rights.

Understand Your Rights

You Don’t Want to Miss an Opportunity

Whether a child, a student, or an adult, it’s imperative that you know your human rights. There are privileges that come with each and every human right. This, therefore, means that if you miss someone you miss all. If you, for this reason, understand your rights, you’ll be prepared to grab the opportunities that present themselves as a result. But some legal terms tend to be overly complex for anyone to comprehend with professional assistance, which means that in some case, you will want to seek legal counsel to better understand what the law guarantees you, protects you against or limits you from.


For obvious reasons, knowing your rights will in more ways help to protect you. People who know little about their human rights will in most instances get into trouble with the law. For instance, getting involved in an accident in your place of work may require your employer to compensate you, especially if they were found at fault with some form of ignorance. Without knowledge about this, though, you may not know what you’re entitled to and you may not even know the opportunities that are available after personal injury or disability.

Law to Protect


Human rights are great empowerment tools that go beyond the school corridors. It’s therefore important to also ensure our children learn their rights very early in life. Having covered the importance of knowing your rights, let’s take a look at the various rights you may not be aware exists.

When Dealing With The Cops

At some point in life, you will in more than one occasion have to deal with a cop. This may either be in the streets, at home, or in traffic. Knowing your rights will help to prevent further confrontation and to avoid speaking to them in a harsh tone that may appear as if you’re looking down on them. Remember that cops are tasked with various responsibilities, including maintaining law and order and ensuring our safety and protection. In all matters sanity, cops should actually be your friends. This having been said, here are some tips on how is how to behave when dealing with a cop.

  • Maintain your cool
  • You always have the right to remain silent
  • You have the right to refuse a search
  • Never allow yourself to be tricked into waiving your rights
  • Unless they have a search warrant, you really don’t have to let them in.

Ownership Rights

Ownership Rights

Now, as a citizen, it’s imperative to know your own rights. Actually, they are a handful. They include:

  • The right to possess
  • The right to use
  • The right to allow others usage
  • The right to exclude others and privacy
  • The right to use your property as collateral

Ownership rights allow you to use the surface of the land (surface rights), whatever lies under the surface (subsurface rights) such as gas, oil, and other minerals, and the rights to the water lying in or on your property (riparian rights). These rights also give you the right to use whatever space above your land. This, therefore, means that you are allowed to by means of the law, block further construction of buildings directly over your property.

It’s important to always be on the lookout for certain changes that may occur on whatever segments of the law affecting your rights. As a matter of fact, unless she had or has a law degree, mum might not be aware of all the basic rights that are outlined by the constitution. This makes it important to do your homework whenever you can familiarize yourself with some of these laws.

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