This Guy Thought Throwing Bricks at Dogs Are Fun, But Regretted It Immediately!

I am not quite sure what reason anyone would have for throwing bricks at dogs and abusing animals like that. While we can certainly sit here and only speculate, but I highly doubt that any of these reasons could be all that good to justify abusing dogs. There is simply no reason for this sort of inhumane treatment to these innocent animals.

When you try to abuse a animal or throw bricks at a dog, don’t be surprised when they fight back. After all, any animal’s natural instincts kick in when they feel threatened and they will defend themselves against whatever it may be that is bothering them. Take for example the two dogs in this video who acted in self defense when a seemingly random thug started to throw bricks at them on a street. It appears the footage of abusing dogs was captured somewhere overseas, but no specific details or information were further provided with the upload.

After this man was caught on camera throwing bricks at innocent animals, you would think that this would be enough of a karmic retribution for his misdeeds. Now, he will be forever branded as the jerk who thought it was a good idea to put the lives of dogs in danger. However, karma is a cruel mistress and she had a heck of a lot more in store for this thoughtless goon than that.

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Credit: Tim French

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