Only 12 People in The World Can Do What He Did. And He’s The Youngest!

I think anyone would agree with me when I say that a handwritten letter feels a lot more meaningful, sentimental, and even romantic than an email…

Even if it is a corner of the newspaper that has been ripped off and stuck on the windshield of your car with big, block letters reading, “YOU CANNOT PARK HERE!“.

Even if the letter is written in the worst handwriting you’ve ever seen, you still sympathize with the time and effort it would have taken the author… in particular, the hours spent finding a pen that still worked!

There are so many things about a handwritten letter that make it somewhat magical.

The curved, flowing lines, the permanency of the ink once it marks the piece of paper, and even the smell of the ink when you first start writing.

That smell brings back so many memories of writing and rewriting the letters of the alphabet, one after the other, in upper and lower case, over and over, to make sure that each one was perfect!

All to get a small certificate that allowed you to use a pen at school. But that pen license meant so much at the time! When did society begin to forget about the beauty of handwriting? (I say this as I sit here typing an article on a laptop that you are now reading on a computer screen!)

Like a spell, there’s an element of handwriting which allows you to believe that writing your dreams and desires down on a piece will make it more likely to come true.

The young man in this video brings that magic back to life! With just a pen, some ink, and a blank piece of paper, Jack Wiedmann takes the pen license to a whole new level!

Dubbed a Master Penman, Jack is the youngest of 12 men in the entire world who can do this using a pen.

Make sure you watch how he turns a bunch of circles into a masterpiece!

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Credit: UPROXX

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