Watch What This Drunk Guy Does in Grocery Store. It’s Super Hilarious

This drunk guy is hilarious; he has picked a fight and has absolutely no clue that he is in front of a mirror!

At first, he is very courteous and tries to let the ‘other person’ pass, it is then that you can’t help but feel a bit sorry for him.

After all, he is trying to be polite, he could have easily walked in front of him well, that is not exactly possible.

This video is so funny & hilarious, how he keeps trying to let his reflection pass and then gives up and tries to walk on but that doesn’t seem to be working in his favor. This poor old drunk guy is really stuck, wonder why he didn’t think of turning around and going back?

After a couple of drinks, any person can lose their sense of direction and this man is the same. He not only has lost his sense of direction but is not able to recognize his own reflection.

Maybe he doesn’t know what his reflection looks like, or it could be that he has changed so much that he is unable to recognize himself.

This could be what it feels like after getting a makeover you have suddenly transformed into such a beautiful creature that you are not able to recognize yourself.

So, if you have gotten a makeover be careful not to step in front of a store mirror you might just end up entertaining people around you.

This video testifies to the fact that not only driving can be hazardous for drunk people even mirrors can be! So hit play and sit back and enjoy this extremely funny video.

Mirrors are definitely not the best thing to place in front of a drunk person especially when he trying to get some shopping done.

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