Utterly Cute Clay Models and Toys Will Make You Fall in Love With Them

Clay is an inexpensive material< that has existed for many years and is easily found. It is a product that can be molded into any shape you will want to see. Of course, there are a set of tools to help you in your molding specifically in the creation of the finer details on your product. When working with clay, it is not easy getting that smooth surface that is free from any bumps, marks, and fingerprints.

The process of creating this cute, realistic and peculiar clay toys is not easy either. It involves baking and sculpting each section of the toy before the body is added. The wonderful colors on the clay toys are achieved through painting with several layers of coatings and paint. This process uses the same concept used when drawing cartoons. A combination of fabric and Sculpey clay is what is used in their creation.

The cute and colorful clay models below have a great style and beauty and am sure you won’t get enough of them. You might find them scary creatures especially looking at their eyes but that shouldn’t stop you from having the fun of looking at each of the creatures’ unique design. Enjoy watching the beautiful toys.

Baby Fox

Cute Clay Models - Baby Fox

Cheshire Cat

Cute Clay Toys - Cheshire Cat

Exotic Cat

Cute Clay Models - Exotic Cat


Cute Clay Toys - Fox


Cute Clay Models - Giraffe


Cute Clay Toys - Llama

Kitty & Flounder

Cute Clay Models - Kitty & Flounder

Little Hedgehog

Cute Clay Toys - Little Hedgehog

Little Hedgehog

Cute Clay Models - Little Hedgehog

Momoko & Goodnight

Cute Clay Toys - Momoko & Goodnight

Mushroom Lover

Cute Clay Models - Mushroom Lover


Cute Clay Toys - Owls

Panda Paws

Cute Clay Models - Panda Paws

Raccoon Goes Shopping

Cute Clay Toys - Raccoon Goes Shopping

Sleepy Fox

Cute Clay Models - Sleepy Fox

Sweets Lover

Cute Clay Toys - Sweets Lover

Tiger Travels

Cute Clay Models - Tiger Travels

Ugly Kitty

Cute Clay Toys - Ugly Kitty

Warm Autumn

Cute Clay Models - Warm Autumn


Cute Clay Toys - Yummy

The toys look so lively and real although they appear like cartoons. These creatures have been made with a mind that is creative and full of skill. Such work can only be achieved with a lot of planning on how to develop or create each of the individual sculpture.

To ensure the smooth bodies and proper finishing on each structure and to maintain uniqueness requires a lot of time and keenness. This is the kind of creation you will have no other option other than falling in love with. They are adorable and cute enough not to be ignored.

Source: Oso Polar

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