Believe me… You Just Want to See Him Taking This Impossible Shot!

We all watch basketball trick shots YouTube videos on a daily basis, but sometimes, there are no words worthy enough to describe an amazing basketball trick shot, and it’s totally incredible.

This basketball trick shots YouTube video is shot by a group of friends, from Perth, Australia, that call themselves “How Ridiculous”.

This video features one of their trick basketball shots, achieving word record, by making it into the hoop after traveling down the 415-foot high Gordon Dam in Tasmania.

I am not quite sure how long it took them to get this shot right, but it’s the most amazing basketball trick shots YouTube video I have ever seen in my life.

Because they set up the shot using physics based on the wind factor, the curvature of the dam, and how fast they calculated the ball would travel, which make it impossible to pull.

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Credit: How Ridiculous

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