Babies Frightened of Fart Sounds Will Make You Day Funnier! It’s Hilarious

Thinking of ways to scare a baby that will get a cute and funny reaction out of them?

This video could be just what you are looking for! If your baby is annoying, all that he/she does is cry and sleep, then this video might help getting another reaction out from them.

Have fun watching these babies get surprised and frightened when they hear farting sounds. This one will surely have you laughing till you’re sore.

This is one video everyone is going to find funny for sure. You may be 20 or 60, but when you hit play, you will be laughing hysterically. It is just so funny to see how these babies act when they hear farting sounds.

It is cute and funny at the same time when you see their shocked expressions. These babies cannot even comprehend what is going on; they take a minute or two before bursting out in tears. Watching this video is utterly hilarious.

Just when one baby thinks that the farting sound is over and is all happy and smiling is when another one comes along and how this baby reacts is so funny.

Click the play button and learn how to scare your baby without it being traumatic for them.

These babies do not even know what is going on. It is so adorable to watch them being all suspicious and on high alert when the noises come. This is a must watch baby video, it just too funny and cute and will have you wanting to try it out when you see a baby the next time around.

Just be sure that the child’s parents are all game for this as well, or you will not be allowed near the child ever!

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Credit: Funny Babies

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