12 Year Old Boy Trips Over Accidentally and Destroys $1.6 Million Dollar Painting

This $1.6 million dollar painting was being displayed as one of over 50 pieces of art at an exhibition in Taiwan called “The Face of Leonardo: Images of a Genius”. Then a Taiwanese boy suffered a fall worthy of Charlie Chaplin when he tripped into a £1 million (approximately $1.6 million dollar) painting at an art gallery in Taipei.

CCTV shows the 12-year-old stumbling over the rope barrier separating visitors from the 17th-century oil painting, and as he is catching his balance, he ends up punching a hole in the canvas.

The artwork, by Italian painter Paolo Porpora, has been valued at over NT$50 million, some £1 million.

Reportedly the family will not be on the hook for the damage to the painting, and the gallery will ask its insurance company to pay for the repairs. That’s a big relief.

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Credit: PopularStories

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