Watch How 9 California Cops Beating And Arresting Crying Black Teen ‘For Jaywalking’

The Stockton Police Department in California is now under fire after cellphone video surfaced over social media websites of a 16-year-old kid’s recent arrest showed the unarmed teen crying as he was tackled to the ground by multiple police officers and handcuffed.

In this video clip recorded by a spectator from his cellphone, a California police officer is seen attempting to hit a young black boy in the face with his baton after he allegedly jaywalked and resisted the cop. They scuffle, the boy yelling “get the fuck off me” and the officer shouting “stop resisting arrest”. Then the officer strikes him in the face with his baton and orders him to the ground. When this was not enough, a group of police officers pile in and tackle him to the ground.

This kid was stopped for jaywalking, but resisted the cops, ending up getting beaten up and arrested. The tip here on how to not get hit in the face by cops: do what they says and don’t resist!

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Credit: Stockton Port City

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