He Spent Hours Installing a New Special Cat door… but the Cat Does THIS Instead

LOL, this is why cats are the best and the worst pets you could have.

You’ve probably seen at least one video when an owner buys a new toy for their cat and it ends up playing with the box it came in…

Well, I think this particular kitty is the epitome of that attitude.

In order to make the life easier on Philo, his owner installed a brand new cat door so he can get in and out whenever he wants.

This video was supposed to showcase how happy Philo is with the new door, but this aristocrat wasn’t going to use a basic flap door like a low-bred…

He has his own way of entering the house, mind you.

Watch the video and specially the reaction of the owner. You are going to love it. :P

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Credit: Philo Cat

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