Guy Heroically Saves Young Boy From Certain Death in Raging Flood Waters

Anywhere it rains, it can flood and most of times it comes with dangers of people being swept away and Drown. This eyewitness footage captures one terrifying moment of a child being swept away after trying to cross a flooded road.

Few days ago when it rained in Yemen, the streets were filled with water, causing inconvenience and potential harm for the people. This young kid thought that he could manage the strong water and tried to cross the street. But little did he know, he under estimated the water current as he got swept by the flood.

Pretty soon the youngster is spotted by a Good Samaritan who races to save him, despite being in danger himself. The man stops the boy with his legs and holds himself steady while lifting the boy to safety. It’s good to know that great people like this man exist. Having them around would make things better but we must still be extra careful to avoid unwanted circumstances.

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Credit: LiveLeak Channel

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