He Was Trying to Impress The Girls From His Muscles, but You Must See What She Did to Him!

Think you’ve got what it takes to woo the ladies? All the sleepless hours pumping iron at the gym paying off?

Are you solely surviving on proteins to build that muscle mass?

Hugh Jackman‘s ripped body in the latest X-Men movie can sure make all the men run to the gym. If this 44-year-old can do it, then what are you all waiting for? Well, boys are that what the ladies want?

While history does stand to testify that women prefer their men muscular and strong, the modern age is seeing a slight tipping of the scales. Gyms around the world have more women signing up for strength training. Gone are the days of graceful dance classes and yoga routines.

The fitness mantra reigning the day is that lifting weights can bring you closer to that bikini body you’ve always dreamed off. Research shows that women who lift weights burn more fat as compared to those stick to just cardio workouts.

Pumping iron is no longer seen as a man’s arena. Commonwealth Gold medal winner Zoe Smith breaks traditional notions about a weightlifter’s physique. Fewer women are shunning away from the traditional outlook that lifting weights will turn them into she-Hulks.

The fitness world woke up to a new world order of ‘Crossfit‘. Even dainty pretty mommas are seen lifting weights and doing push-ups. From the looks of it, the evidence lies in a post.

Instagram is blowing up with photos and videos of more and more women lifting weights, not the plastic dumbbells!

For all you men with well-toned arms, watch this video before you flaunt those muscles.

Well, there you have it boys, women are not just pretty faces! Looks like the muscles are here to stay.

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Credit: Phillysoulfootball

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