Man Wears Yoga Pants to Trick Straight Guys Into Checking Out His Ass

Yoga pants, leggings, jeggings… it seems as if there’s something inside male genes that makes us wanna stare at girls wearing yoga pants, no matter how inappropriate it may be. Like jell-o and, you know, other stuff with similar properties. Well, many of you probably got caught ogling some girl wearing yoga pants, but I’ll bet you, none of you were in situation this weird. I would always try to innocently flirt and kinda ease the awkwardness, but here that’s out of the question.

YouTube pranker Yousef Saleh Erakat of Fousey Tube put on a pair of skin-tight spandex pants and tricked guys into thinking his butt belonged to a woman. He set up a camera in a parking lot to see how guys react when they find out that the butt they had been staring at as it was perched over a car trunk actually belongs to a man. The experiment yielded hilarious, but sometimes unsettling results.

It’s funny how defensive some of these guys get. I mean, come on, just say “yes, I did check you out“.

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Credit: fouseyTUBE

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