They Locked the NFL Football Star Inside a Car, and What Happened Will Make Your Jaw Drop

It’s fairly very common to forget personal belongings in our car. We forget things like our cell phone, purse or handbag in car all the time. But do you know pets are also very common thing people forget to take out and lock them inside a parked car.

It’s surprising how many people don’t know that you’re never, ever supposed to leave your dog or car in the car on a hot day. It’s really very dangerous for the pets. The truth is that on a regular hot day temperature inside a vehicle can get up to 120 degrees at mid-day. And the fact that dogs can only perspire through their mouth means that they’re at much greater risk of heat stroke than even children.

To drive this point home, NFL Football Star Tyrann Mathieu of the NFL’s Arizona Cardinals decided to prove to people once and for all just how dangerous it is to leave a living thing in a car on a summer day. The results are eye opening to say the least.

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Credit: PETA

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