Road rage driver turns violent and assaults motorcyclist. He regrets it immediately!

Thanks to the GoPro for mounting cameras on the helmets of bikers, it has saved lots of time for the police officers with investigations in road rage incidences.

In past police had to rely on evidences and testimonies of road rage drivers but now all they have to do is look through recorded video.

Similar road rage accident happened in Yuma, Arizona where apparently a motorcycle carrying two people cut off a car, causing the car driver to go insane and violent.

On the red light, the road rage car driver gets out onto the street, calmly strolls over to the motorcycle and promptly punches him right in the face, which was a tough proposition considering his victim was wearing his helmet.

Then road rage maniac throws a couple of more punches on motorcyclist who does nothing but to warn him.

When the motorcyclist had enough, he easily tackles the drunk driver onto the pavement which broke his ankle.

Watch how this violent road rage driver turns physical against a biker and his passenger but regretted it immediately when he ended up with a broken ankle and an arrest for violence and drink driving.

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Credit: Stealthy Aban

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