This Woman’s Parking Spot Get Stolen. Her Revenge Is Hilarious!

You will never steal someone’s parking spot after watching this video! At least not a woman’s parking spot for sure.

Have you ever wondered why all hurricanes have been named after women? Once you watch this video, all your queries regarding that will get cleared up.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. This funny video will make you think twice before stepping on a woman’s toes, not literally of course!

While true that women are comparatively patient and understanding, everyone does have a threshold that one should not cross. That applies to parking spaces too!

Parking spot revenge needs an entire encyclopedia for itself. Revenge seekers fall into three categories.

You have the ones who just forget about it and get on with their day, the ones who verbally abuse the ‘spot stealer‘ and then the ones who put in time and effort to payback!

From carefully drafted out notes to choice words chalked around the spot, parking spot revenges are entertaining. Taking revenge needs time and takes a lot of effort, one person painstakingly wrapped the entire car with cling wrap.

That should have sent the message loud and clear. On the other hand, wrong parking brings out a generous streak in others, they go around handing out awards. Awards like ‘Princess parking‘ and ‘parking contest award‘ winner. Don’t think anyone will be vying for those awards.

Moral of the video, do not steal parking spots! If you do or are tempted to do, so have a plan E to escape, cause if it is a woman most likely plans A, B, C and D will not work.

If you are brave enough to steal a woman’s parking spot be sure that a video like this, featuring you, will end up on the internet!

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Credit: Cheng Deng

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