7 High-Paying Career Options That You Should Consider

There are a number of high-paying opportunities today from different fields. Salary is one of the most important factors when choosing a career and it’s usually the one that helps you do the things you’d want to do in the future.

Students would usually evaluate their preferences, skills, strengths, and weakness in choosing their future professional goals. This allows them to be perfectly in-synch and satisfied with the career path they’ve chosen. Here are some of the best-paying careers in various fields:

Career Options

1. Surgeon

In recent times, the demand for specialists in the field of medicine has seen tremendous growth. With the advancement in medicine, people are more open to trusting professionals with specialized skills to help get a better quality of life.

The job entails monumental challenges before you get to practice your skills in the real world. You’ll be spending years in pre-med, then in med school, and further postgraduate education will be required to have yourself specialized in surgery. But it’s going to be worth it with 2020’s survey indicating that a surgeon makes more than $100+ per hour which means you can get over $250,000 annually.

2. Dentistry

With a number of critics taking a swipe as to why dentists earn a lot, they are in fact one of the top-paying professions in the United States. Unlike many of their medical peers, they cater to almost, if not all citizens who can afford dental care(which they should). Depending on your specialty you’ll have a median of more than $200,000 annually.

3. Business Intelligence Data Analysts

In the field of data science, one of the top-paying positions is of a specialized data analyst. There are many branches and roles in dealing with big data, from business, agriculture, weather systems, sports, and others. Generally speaking, data analytics jobs can attribute their progress with today’s digital connectivity. Data gathering and processing have vastly improved in the past decade that businesses would want to make the most of this niche to advance their position in their respective fields. Analysts are paid from $80,000 to $180,000 annually depending on the role taken.

4. Information Systems Security Engineer

Because people are now sharing their personal information widely on the internet including companies that work through a network system, securing those data has become a priority in every business that treads in the digital sphere. Candidates must hold a strong background in technical systems and network security as well as spectacular leadership and interpersonal skills. They will work closely with security standards and the country’s privacy policies and keep themselves abreast with any updates.

Accounting Job

5. Accounting

Accounting is the base of numerous careers primarily in business and finance. They can deal with taxes, investment portfolios, corporate finances, and many more. In corporate, their insight into the company’s numbers will put them in a better position to advise or direct the company to a better financial footing.

Those who sit in board rooms are often people who understand the numbers that run the company that is why they are entrusted with navigating the vast waters of business. Depending on your position an Accountant can earn a median of $70,000 annually but are well-poised to be promoted in leadership positions.

6. Software Developer / Software Engineer

Many of today’s technology are driven by software, the simplest calculator app to the more complex GPS systems are created by engineers. These professionals combine creativity and technical aptitude in the modern age. Their products are with us from the time we wake up until we turn in for the night. If you become a software developer, your skills will be sought out by companies from different fields from finance, manufacturing, and not just in the IT field. The median salary for a software engineer is around $110,000 annually and regarding job satisfaction; it is voted as the best job in the tech industry.

7. Engineering Managers

The job comprises directing, planning, and coordinating the activities of ground personnel for architectural or engineering companies. The candidate must possess strong problem-solving skills, ingenuity, communication, and leadership. You can start off with an engineering degree and take postgraduate courses in different management disciplines. The realization of the concept lies heavily on the skills of the engineering manager assigned to the project that is why they are handsomely paid around $133,000 annually.

This list covers jobs that you can do after years of training and not necessarily positions that you can generally obtain through promotions. So, although CEOs, VPs, and COOs pay handsomely these people usually start somewhere and have just risen through the ranks and handle the business as a whole. Even though the salary is one of the factors in choosing a career, your preference or passion for the job almost always contributes significantly to the amount of success you’ll have in your field. But this is just a picture of how much the world values the profession you’ll be aspiring for.

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