Woman Pretends to Be Drunk in Public and This Is What Men Do to Her

Do you know what does man do when they find a drunk woman?

Not good things.

To prove this a scantily-clad woman who pretended to be drunk on the streets for a social experiment was barraged by men, including one who pinned her in an alley and needed to be pulled away.

This social experiment has been recorded in broad daylight in Madrid, Spain and the hidden cameras caught a steady stream of gawking men approaching the apparently sloshed woman in broad daylight and offering to buy her more beer.

It shows the sexual aggression men show towards a drunk woman.

It even got to a point when the camera crew had to intervene after a guy almost wanted to rape her on the street.

Sadly for the guys, the girl in the social experiment was not drunk and they just ended up shaming themselves to the world.

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Credit: Neurosalus

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