Adorable Dog Behaviors and Their Meaning

Have you always seen your dog doing something absolutely so adorable and wondered what it meant? Everything a dog does is for a reason and unfortunately, they do not do these actions for just the sake of being cute. Each of these actions has a deeper underlying meaning in regard to their mood or thought process. Do you need to worry though? For the most part no. Those adorable dog behaviour actions are adorable for a reason and are most usually done in states when they are extremely happy.

Your dog smiling at you, while it is not actually smiling, is conveying a positive message towards you. By wagging its tail, once again your dog is relaying positive messages over to you. While these adorable dog behaviours have great meanings, you should watch for unnatural behaviours and actions in your dog as well. These can be symbols of aggression, stress, or deeper underlying health problems that should be addressed instantly. Always take the time to study your dog and learn about them. You will find that it will strengthen your relationship with them that much more.

Here are several adorable dog behaviours and their meanings.

Smiling Dog


I’m sure we’ve all seen this one. You are playing with your dog and when he runs back to you, he appears to give you the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. Your heart melts as you smile back at him. There is good news and bad news here. The bad news is, unfortunately, your dog is not ‘smiling’ at you. The good news, however, is that it is conveying a positive message to you and submitting to you as their owner. What studies have shown, is that when dogs retract the corners of their mouths to create a smile, it is that they are showing submission to the one they are doing the action towards. This is seen often in wolves, as wolves will show submission to the alpha wolf this way.

If your dog smiles at you, this means he has accepted his role within your family that he is not the leader. The other reason for your dog smiling would be the rewards they receive out of it. Dogs are extremely affectionate beings and love being rewarded for good behaviour. Therefore, if your dog notices that every time he ‘smiles’ you pet them and smother them with copious amounts of affection, they are going to remember this and do it more often. It speaks to the intelligence of your dog as it knows how to act to get the right response from you. While they are not technically ‘smiling’ dogs do show submission towards you when they retract the corners of their mouth.

Dog Wagging His Tail

Wagging Their Tail

Everyone associates tail wagging with a sign that the dog is friendly and having fun. While this is the case most of the time, there is one specific case where a dog wagging their tail is something to be concerned about. We’ve all played with a dog and noticing their tail frantically wagging back and forth as the dog runs around having fun. A tail wagging extremely fast is a sign of excitement within the dog. Most of the time, this excitement is positive. The next thing to look at in tail wagging is the direction of the wag.

A dog wagging their tail to the right is the standard sign that they are extremely happy, excited, and loving what is happening at the moment. They are happy with the people they are around and they do not feel threatened by any of it. If a dog is wagging their tail to the left, it is an indication of the opposite. This means that the dog is uncomfortable in its current situation and does not the crowd they are with. If you’re unsure of how to keep your dog happy, you can browse here for advice, and ensure that the only tail wagging your dog does is to the right. Read the signs accordingly and act accordingly with what your dog is doing. Your dog might be nervous, but they don’t want to leave you and therefore will continue to put themselves in a position they are uncomfortable with. Watch the tail wag and sit back and enjoy it if they are happy.

Dogs truly are adorable creatures and are the most popular pet in the world for a reason. When taken care of, they provide unconditional love to their owner and those they have gotten comfortable with. Dogs are not objects, they have feelings and behavioral patterns as well. Take the time to learn from your dog and how they act and know how to respond to their emotions. This way, both you and your dog will be happy for years to come. What did you name your dog?

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