Latest Equipment That Can Help You Keep Your Cat in Tip-Top Shape

Are you a newbie cat parent? You might be overwhelmed with the number of the latest kitty equipment that is available in the market. Ultimately, we all just want the best for our feline friends to help them stay in perfect condition.

If you feel like you’re still not prepared or just want to upgrade your cat’s items, here’s a list of the latest cat equipment that you should check out.

Equipments for Cats

Water Fountain

Did you know that cats have a relatively low thirst drive? If your cat doesn’t drink enough water, it’s at risk of dehydration. Dehydration in cats leads to health problems such as chronic kidney disease, a urinary tract infection, and cystitis. Do you want your cat to be well-hydrated daily? A water fountain is a great choice. Cats don’t like drinking from stagnant water sources; not only do water fountains encourage your cat to drink more, but it also filters your cat’s water. Unlike the common water bowl, a water fountain keeps the water aerated, fresh and clean. It’s also designed to be spill-proof and mess-proof making it more convenient.

Cat Nail Clippers

Trimming your cat’s nails regularly helps avoid damaged nails, ingrown nails, and infection. However, your regular human nail clippers may not be the best equipment for your pet. Cat nail clippers are designed with important safety features that human nail clippers lack; using regular nail clippers may also even cause discomfort to your cat. If you want stronger pressure and a visual guide than a stainless guillotine blade cat claw trimmer is a good choice. You can try using a scissor-type of nail clippers for longer cat claws. If you’re afraid to use cat nail clippers, an electric cat nail grinder can be an alternative.

Automatic Litter Box

Automatic Litter Box

Keeping your cat’s litter box clean is important for you and your cat’s hygiene; however, cleaning the kitty litter box can be a dreaded task for most cat owners. If you’re a busy bee, a self-cleaning litter box is your best bet; it helps your cat stays clean and save time. Potty training using an automatic litter box for the kittens, according to these feline experts, should start as early as one month old. For older cats, you need to re-train them on how to use their new box. If you’re comfortable with handling an electronic device and can afford it, an automatic litter box is a good investment for your cat’s health.

Automatic Cat Feeders

Has your cat ever woken you up in the middle of the night to ask for food? Does your cat tend to overeat? Is your cat a picky eater who doesn’t touch food that’s been sitting out for a long time? Or do you have an odd work schedule and need to travel a lot? Getting an automatic cat feeder is a solution. Although automatic cat feeders can be pricey, they can be very helpful for your cat’s diet and feeding schedule. Once set up, you won’t worry about leaving your cat hungry again. It’s also great for regulating your cat’s eating habits and avoid obesity risks, especially if it tends to overeat.

Cat Trees

Cat Trees

Scratching is instinctual to a cat; it keeps their claws short and strengthens their paws and legs. Does your cat keep scratching your sofa and rug? A cat tree can help you with that problem. Most cat trees are made of natural material like sisal rope that promotes healthy scratching. More than just a scratching post, cat trees provide a safe place for your little lion to nap and play. Playing is a necessary form of exercise, especially for indoor pets like cats as it keeps them healthy and active. In turn, this helps your cat to stay happy and maintain a healthy weight.

Self-Grooming Cat Brush

Although cats are known for their cleanliness and tend to groom themselves constantly, it’s still important to brush your cat’s fur regularly. Keep in mind that a matted coat can only be fixed by a professional cat groomer and may cost a lot. If you want something new for your strong and independent kitty, attach a self-grooming cat brush on your wall. A self-grooming cat brush is a brush that your cat can use by itself. It removes loose hair and collects shedding hair. If you’re always on the run, but still want to help your cat groom itself, a self-grooming cat brush is an excellent option.

With the flood of choices when it comes to cat equipment, it can be a bit overwhelming. However, you don’t need to spend a fortune on every trendy cat product out there. Ultimately, you just have to take into consideration your cat’s needs, behavior, and your budget when purchasing the best equipment for your cat.

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