Bad Habits That are Secretly Damaging Your Teeth

The teeth are sensitive which is why they need thorough oral health care. They are susceptible to bacteria and decay and even discoloration and staining. Your very lifestyle and habits could be affecting the state of your oral health directly or indirectly. One thing is clear, bad teeth are results of bad habits and you can already be doing them without you knowing.

Let’s take a look at the most common causes of tooth decay.

Oral Health

Not Enough Water

Water is important to the whole body as much as it is also important to the teeth. Hydration is important in keeping the mouth healthy because it can fight off bacteria and the acid that is naturally produced it the mouth. It acts as a barrier to these harmful substances. Dry mouths often lead to decay and even bad breath so make sure that you increase your intake of water. Breathing through your nose, instead of the mouth, is important because the air can be drying out as well. In the absence of brush and toothpaste after you eat or drink something, you can flush out remnants of food by gargling with water.

Bad Oral Hygiene

Flossing, using a toothpick, and brushing your teeth are all important but when done wrong, they can all lead to damaged teeth. Some people tend to brush too hard that their gums start to bleed. It’s not true that the more aggressive your brush, the more efficient it is in removing plaque and stains. It is also bad to you use one toothbrush for a longer period of time. It should not exceed 3 months and opt for soft-bristled ones. Flossing should also be done properly. The best dentists practicing in Crofton emphasized that working with floss should be done generously. You cannot use the same stretch of floss over and over again in several teeth. Use it only once because it can deposit the same remnants on other parts when used again. Toothpicks shouldn’t be shoved deep within because they can injure your gums and crack your teeth.

Bad Oral Hygiene

Using Teeth as Tool

It is common for people to use teeth as a tool out of convenience. They are used to open packages and hard shells of food and nuts. The worse is when it is used to pop bottles open especially those of sodas and beer. It is a source of entertainment when one does it because it shows off how strong the teeth are but when one over and over again, it can cause chipping and cracking. The worse that could happen is calling for a medical emergency for severely damaged teeth. It can cause you to get fillers and even lose your teeth permanently.

The habits you are doing every day can actually be damaging to your teeth and overall oral health. It is important to know what these are and be more conscious of avoiding them. It is always simpler and easier to avoid teeth damage than restore or fix what already is a problem. An improved lifestyle can be the key to ensuring a more lasting healthy set of teeth.

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