Best Hip Hop Festivals To Attend With Your Date

The 2018 festival season appears to be super lit, and just as usual, the rap game’s finest are shining bright and flexing hard at all the loudest events. From dedicated rap festivals (Rolling Loud) to multi-genre music events featuring top hip hop headliners (Coachella), the beats and rhymes are flowing in full power this year. So lace up your Jays, practice your dab, and get out to one of these absolutely epic rap music fests near you.

Rolling Loud

The largest hip hop fest on the planet, Rolling Loud is a true rap head’s mecca. Moreover, one of many reasons for that is exactly the fact that RL makes the first lineup of the new generation of extremely influential headliners and thousands of energetic fans.

Pretty much like Tomorrow land for EDM or Rock am Ring for rock and heavy metal, Rolling Loud’s typical annual lineup poster is substantially a portrayal of the rap genre’s current hierarchy.

Lollapalooza Music Festival


Lollapalooza music festival was founded back in 1991 by Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction and ever since started out mainly as a touring event, however, it has since become the most popular weekend destination for many people all around the world, taking place each year in the gorgeous Grant Park of Chicago. The all-star lineup features dozens of big names from a range of genres, including the brightest representatives of hip hop, pop, and R&B.


Obviously much more than just a hip hop event, SXSW surely is one of the world’s most prominent creative hubs. The festival features various conferences, speeches and a variety of smaller festivals for all types of art forms. In short, the event’s central purpose is to provide all up-and-coming artists a platform for self-expression.

And although literally hundreds of all-unique showcases take place across Austin, if you are looking to get a clear sense of where modern urban music is heading in the nearest future, just get yourself (and your romantic partner) to SXSW.

Governors Ball Music Festival

Governors Ball

This annual New York City festival favorite has settled on Randall’s Island, which in its turn features almost 9 miles of scenic waterfront pathways and a totally insane view of the iconic Manhattan skyline. In a nutshell, the three-day frenzy boasts quite a few huge names from a wide variety of genres, still true hip hop fans will be out in their full force this time for the event’s headliner Travis Scott. Right after the fest, be sure to cross the East River hitting up Manhattan for a complete bite of the Big Apple.

The Roots Picnic

Celebrating the festival’s 10th anniversary in 2017, The Roots Picnic definitely is your favorite MC’s favorite festival. For the most part, just a perfect chance for a number of hometown heroes to play with their already famed talented friends on one scene, The Roots Picnic festival has a joyfully celebratory vibe.

The Roots usually play their own headlining set acting as a backing band for other performers, so the fest gives you a unique opportunity to see some of the biggest personas in the entire hip hop industry raising hell together.

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