5 Tips for Drafting the Perfect College Paper

You were good with writing essays in school but that does not mean you can apply the same tactics and ace your college paper writing as well. How are college papers different you ask?

Academic writing that colleges demand requires more opinionated essays with strong arguments and examples. Students are required to dive deep into the subject and carry out in-depth research. Moreover, some essays like IB’s ToK essay also requires students to present an argument and a counter-argument.

If time is an issue, don’t hesitate to reach out to a last-minute essay writing service to help you with your essay needs. Your essay plays a huge role in deciding your grades so ensure you do all it takes to present a strong, well-structured essay that reads well.

Here are 5 tips for drafting the perfect college paper.

Choose the Topic Wisely

Choose the Topic Wisely

The topic you choose lays the foundation for your essay so ensure you choose it wisely. Don’t know where to begin? Start with writing the list of topics that you are interested in. Then narrow it down further to the topics you think you can elaborate and take a strong stand on.

Whether it’s taking a cue from your personal experiences or writing about a global phenomenon you feel strongly about – write about something that brings out the storyteller in you and makes your piece stand out.

Structure your Thoughts

Many students make the mistake of rushing to begin the essay once they choose the topic. That never really does down well because mid-way through the essay you will realize your thoughts are all over the place.

An effective essay is one that is structured well. So, before you start writing, organize your thoughts – think about how you plan to structure it such that you cover all the points well.

The introduction needs to introduce the subject, create context and talk about the background information. The body is where you will state your argument and support it with examples. The essay needs to end with a conclusion that reiterates the argument in a non-repetitive manner.

Keep it Interesting

Keep it Interesting

Your teachers get plenty of college papers to evaluate – the best way to ensure yours stands out is to keep it interesting. There is no way you can score good grades if your essay just makes your teacher doze off.

By interesting, we don’t mean it needs to be necessarily funny. Interesting essays are those that are specific, authentic and serve as a window to your personality.

After you are done writing, read your own essay from the point of view of an external reader – does it bore you? If yes, you rather spruce it up.

Use Examples

Without examples, essays are vague and abstract. They add immense value to your writing because the reader gets a clearer picture of the topic. You can use hypothetical examples or examples stemming from personal experiences – anything that validates and supports your argument.


Anything you write, needs to be proofread – that is the golden rule of writing. There is nothing more infuriating than reading essays filled with grammatical and spelling errors. So, don’t take this last step for granted because these silly mistakes you make can cost you a lot.

It is also a good idea to get a fellow classmate or parent to read your essay after you are done writing. They might be able to provide valuable feedback and a different perspective that might help you improve your essay further.

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