How To Stay Fit In College

Most people assume that the 15-pound weight gain during entry into college is a phenomenon that only girls relate with, which is not a fact. Dr. Connie Diekman confirmed that as they join college, most girls experience a change in metabolism as they switch into adulthood. If they reach a balance between what they eat and how much they exercise, there is a chance that they can get back to the body shape that they had when they joined campus.

Men, on the other hand, go through the maturity stage later on, and changes in the bodies will be witnessed later during their final years in college. The 15 pounds is only an estimate, a number of people gain more than that, and some people gain less. Other people do not experience the changes in weight at all.

There are very many sources online that have different formulas that help avoid the 15 pound gain. Here is a list of tips prepared by the team at that have proved to be successful.

Take healthy snacks more often

1. Take snacks more often

Dr. Diekman says that to avoid gaining sudden weight, one should eat mini-meals around the clock. He insists that the meals should be little so that weight can be lost. Eating increases the number of calories that are burnt when resting. If a student chooses the type of snacks that boost health, there is a possibility for weight loss because if the decrease in the level of cholesterol and insulin in the body.

2. Have breakfast

It’s known everywhere that it’s the most valuable meal one can eat in a day. Studies have shown that those who have a habit of skipping breakfast are most likely to gain weight. This is because, when you skip a meal, especially after napping, you shall feel really hungry after a while, which will most likely lead to overeating.

3. Buy healthy snacks

You are less likely to eat unhealthy food when you fill up your stock of food with vegetables and fresh fruits. If you have all that food in your house, you could pack up some of it and eat later as lunch or a snack. This helps avoid fast foods and also save money.

4. Keep your drinking on check

So many calories are consumed when drinking beer. Apart from the vast amount of calories, it leaves a person with a severe hangover. No one would do any kind of work out with a hangover, that’s why your drinking should be limited if you don’t want to gain weight. Most students can’t handle the urge to go out with most certainly involves drinking, therefore, they are supposed to plan ahead and put in more effort in exercising to make up for lost time.

Eat before drinking

5. Eat before drinking

When you drink on an empty stomach, the effect of alcohol comes in faster. Alcohol drops the level of sugar in the blood which makes you feel very hungry and end up overeating. In the process, you will have consumed a lot more calories than you would have if you had eaten through the day.

6. Have a fitness buddy

Having a friend as a gym or exercise partner makes the whole process fun. You won’t feel tempted to cancel a gym session when you are going to hang out with your friend the entire time.

7. Be an active member of a sports club

Many schools offer recreational sports as part of their extracurricular activities. There are all sorts of sports that one can indulge in while on the campus. You don’t have to be part of the school team to play. These clubs accept members regardless of their experience in the sport. By joining these clubs, not only do you have friends to work out with, but you also stand a good chance of losing a couple of pounds when exercising.

8. Always drink water.

The body needs water to run smoothly. It needs water to burn down calories, which means that a slight change in the supply of water will slow down the process. To avoid being dehydrated, you should take fresh fruits and vegetables because they have some water in them. Drinking water helps to feel full and cut out headaches which are a side effect of dehydration.

9. Get a good sleep at night

All the nights out plus homework can cut down time meant for sleep, which triggers weight gain. Depriving yourself of sleep interferes with metabolism. Studies show that lack of sleep causes an imbalance in hormones, which makes one eat a lot.

Take care of your stress

10. Take care of your stress

Chronic stress could prevent one from losing weight, even if the person is exercising regularly and has their diet in the check. When a person is stressed, he feels the need to eat more to replace the energy that the stress has used up.

11. Concentrate on your eating and do not multitask

When you eat while doing something else, like watching TV, you are more likely to overeat because you aren’t paying attention to your mouth. A study conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that those who are distracted when eating not only eat more during that particular meal but also later on during other meals.

12. Take black coffee

Coffee helps stay alert in class; the drink also helps to temporarily increase the rate of metabolism. That reduces the chances of gaining weight. It also helps with endurance during training. Some scientists believe that black coffee suppresses the desire to eat, which minimizes the chances of gaining weight.

There are many other ways of keeping your weight in check or reducing it. Staying fit in college should be one of the priorities, apart from books. You have to look good at the prime time of your life.

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