How to Navigate Social Media Boundaries in a Relationship

Although this has only really become as widespread as it is in recent times, the digital world is now a crucial component of the way we live today. From websites to banking apps, social media to searching for love via an online dating site, the Internet has introduced convenience to our interactions.

But this can be a double-edged sword. There can be a conflict between aspects of the virtual environment, particularly where social media is concerned, and the way they have become so embedded in our lives they start impacting our real life connections. In short, sites such as Facebook or Instagram have the potential to create boundaries within a relationship. Navigating these barriers can sometimes seem likes setting off on a voyage through treacherous waters. So here is some advice to make this journey as comfortable as possible.

Understanding the online dating

Understanding the usage

Before getting all hot and bothered about the inordinate amount of time your partner is spending on social media it would be worth taking a step back and asking why they are doing so. There could be any number of legitimate reasons. Because these sites have become part of the fabric of society they are not necessarily being accessed for purely frivolous reasons.

Many businesses use Facebook to engage with customers. As a means of advertising, it offers potential channels for promotion unimaginable in the recent past. In order to get a message across about a particular product, all that has to be done is composing a few lines of well-written text, deciding the parameters of who to communicate the message to, then pressing send. What used to require carefully-considered advertising campaigns running on tight budgets can now be accomplished in the space of five minutes, and at zero cost. So when their nose is buried in social media there is every chance your partner is actually working.

Being sociable

Facebook is also a perfect medium for sharing news stories or amusing videos. In most relationships, unless one or other partner is being incredibly secretive, your other half will be one of your friend circle. Even when they’re not around they can be sharing in being amused by your posts, liking them and commenting. This is a perfect example of how easily social media barriers can be bridged.

Joining in the discussion

Joining in the discussion

Something like Twitter can also be used for promotion but its main use is to allow people to keep a finger to the pulse about … just about anything. Whether it’s their favorite TV show, sports team or political cause, they can jump into conversations or heated debates, the fact their character-count limits the extent of their message inducing a strict editing discipline.

Because Twitter is about imparting maximum information in a minimum space, soundbites tend to take over anything more elaborate. This means it can be relatively easy to pitch in with ‘tweets’ but the platform is less engaging when it comes to lengthy discussions about anything. Other users are notoriously fickle, so unless you are messaging someone who is an actual follower, even someone you are having an earnest discussion with could zoom off to chat with someone else.

Where your relationship is concerned, Twitter can be very entertaining so this means this site is tailor-made for lovers to enjoy in tandem. Instead of fretting about what your partner is getting involved with behind your back, simply ask if they’ve read any entertaining tweets lately. Of course, they have, they’ll reply, and before you know it you’ll be hunched over the computer or phone together, browsing through the hilarious feeds.

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