Sitting Can Kill, Even if You Exercise

A recent study shows that sitting for a lengthy period of time can severely affect your health. This study indicates that prolonged sitting can cause diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and even premature death, and that this is even a possibility for those who exercise on a regular basis.

For example, if you take a full hour to work out and then sit for the remainder of the day, you still risk suffering from the conditions listed above. If you do not like exercising a lot, you may check out a peptide, like melanatoan-2, which can help you tone your body with minimal exercise. However, even with a toned body, sitting should not be an option. Sitting for an average of 8 hours a day can pose great health hazards to you. The risk is even higher when you don’t exercise!

Sitting has been compared to smoking

Threats that arise from prolonged sitting match those associated with people who smoke heavily, which include cancer, heart diseases, and premature death. Researchers say that when sitting, insulin resistance goes up. This means that the sugar found in your blood is not being transported to your cells.

While these studies show that an average person can spend 50 percent of their working hours sitting on the computer, watching TV, and even sitting in traffic, there are some ways to avoid sitting for the better part of the day. It is recommended that you stand up and take a short break of about 3 minutes every 30 minutes throughout the entire day. You even torch double the calories when standing.

Exercising is important

Exercising is important

Sedentary people have a high likelihood of suffering from early death, diabetes, heart conditions, and other illnesses. However, further research shows that those individuals who conduct some exercise at a moderate intensity may not face the risks associated with sitting for long periods of time. Prolonged sitting is so dangerous that some companies have gone to the extent of providing their employees with standing desks so that they can boost their health while working, and so they can avoid the threats arising from spending too much of their time sitting.

Remember, you are in control

There is an increasing concern when it comes to the health risks we face as a result of our sedentary lifestyles. The good news is that you are in control. Your behavior throughout the day will make the difference. Even if our modern lives seem to be unhealthy to some greater extent, we can be in a position to lower or even completely eliminate these risks. This can only happen if you are active, even if you’re not a member at the gym or don’t do any kind of sports. You can minimize the risks by:

1. Drinking tons of water

Drinking a lot of water does the trick, since it will cause you to pee more frequently, for example, every half hour or hour. This is increasingly helpful, as now you will be sitting less. It only takes 3-4 minutes to walk from your desk to the bathroom and back, but it has proven to be of much help when it comes to dealing with prolonged sitting. If you do not like drinking tons of water, you should find a water bottle that you love. This is because when you do not like your bottle, the likelihood of not using it is even higher.

2. Get some small yoga therapy balls

Some professions require one to sit for as long as 12 hours. You can get up to stretch out your hip flexor, but this is often not enough. You can engage your body muscles with the help of yoga therapy balls, which are portable. Place these balls under your glutes and then roll on them for a few minutes to loosen up your hips. The balls can also be useful in adding some movement during the day.

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