Stress in College? Say NO With These Effective Steps

Before you joined college you used to believe that your life will be less stressful when you get there, right? That you will be able to have all the freedom you need. Unlike then where you were under school rules and parent’s watch. But look at you now, and look at your college life.

A total opposite of what you’d expected, one stress on top of another. And you don’t know what to do about it. You’re worried it will affect your studies negatively. And your childhood dreams might get shuttered. These worries add up the stress and you find it hard to concentrate on your studies. “What should I do? Am I going to fail?” Well, not unless you overcome the stress. Here are five effective stress management tips to help you.

Plan Ahead

Don’t feel shy or embarrassed to seek out assistance with the assignment. Finding the right college essay help always makes academic work a lot easier. Many studies have shown that when students receive better grades their stress levels tend to go down. Perhaps you won’t have a reason to be stressed once you find the tools you need to succeed. But this often implies planning your daily and weekly activities well ahead of time.

Plan Ahead to Reduce Stress

Embrace Social Engagement

How about participating in at least two social activities in school. There is a variety of them available. Do you love dancing? Then join the dance classes and mingle with the rest, have fun there. And if you’re into sports, know what kind of sport and join the sport.

These activities will help you build a relationship with the rest of students and you’ll be happy. But sometimes you might face some disappointments here and there, maybe you’re left out during that friendly competition, but they shouldn’t make you quit at all. Your time is coming, be patient.

Communicate With Friends, Family, and Counselors

Telling others about your emotions and thoughts greatly relieves stress. Or as it has always been said: “a problem shared is half-solved.” Find time to occasionally communicate with your close friends and family. Get to hear their views, or sometimes just let them listen to you.

Even if they’re not around you, you may use social media or call them. You have counselors in college who are trained and they understand your college life better. How about you reach out to them? Sounds good, right?

Have Enough Rest

The end of semester exams are around the corner and you feel you’re not ready for the test yet. As a result, you end up spending long nights preparing. You wake up feeling much exhausted, maybe with a bonus headache. And you still have massive notes to cover.

But how can you concentrate on your studies with a headache and exhaustion? Want to know the best thing to do? Rest, enough of it. Don’t worry if you’ll cover a little a day. Be worried if you cover nothing due to exhaustion. Compensate for the sleep if you didn’t get enough yesternight. And your mind will function optimally.

Set Achievable Goals

Set Achievable Goals

This has been a major cause of stress. You put your aims too high than your potential. And when you fail to achieve them, you become disappointed. You start hating yourself and believe that you’re not up to the task. Well, there’s a remedy for that. Set goals you can achieve. Understand yourself.

Yes, your friends get good grades and your parents want you to be in their league. Which you can, but not within a day. Go at your own pace. Start small and when you hit that small target, raise it a little higher. This way, you will appreciate the worth of your strategy and struggles when you will be successful. Good luck! (Do you even need it?).


College life can be very stressful, but not anymore. Now you have the effective tips to avoid and overcome it. Don’t let it consume you. You have a bright future ahead of you, and you wouldn’t want college stress to be the stumbling block. Believe in yourself and your potential for overcoming and shutting it up every time it knocks on your door. Be strong and determined. You’re your own Boss. Now act like a Boss. Voila!

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