How to Use Instagram for Business 2018

Social media has become one of the most credible ways to promote your business. Especially in the last decade since we transformed into digital society and all of our attention is focused on social media.

However, the most engaging stuff online are visual. Therefore, the social media network that has the highest levels of engagement is Instagram. We all are experts in self-promotion on this social network, thus the question is how to use Instagram for business.

If you think that methods ordinary people use on Instagram won’t work for your business, you are wrong. Photos, Instagram stories, hashtags, and videos can all be used to strengthen your Instagram presence. But what are the best practices in using Instagram for business? We compiled a list of three most engaging tactics you must use on Instagram for business.

Before we start, please don’t forget to upgrade your Instagram profile to a business profile. Why? Because it offers amazing analytics where you can track: engagement, impressions, reach, clicks and many valuable patterns about your target audience. Ok, great, now let’s dive in.

1. Instagram Stories

How to use Instagram Stories

It is a well-known rule that you must post at least two times per day in order to maintain a good level of engagement on Instagram. We would recommend posting three times per day at the exact same time in order to create quality flow and an increase of followers. The type of pictures that gather the most engagement are quotes, just as an FYI. If you could somehow implement that in your content strategy great, if not, stick with what represents your brand the best.

Where do Instagram stories fit in?

If you analyze the influencers from your niche or other industry, you will notice that they post a lot of stories on Instagram. They are very easy to follow and track speaking from a follower perspective. The best part is that stories are visible to everyone at the top header of the Instagram feed.

How can you capitalize on stories?

  1. Use hashtags in your stories, to increase your reach
  2. Use location in your stories, to improve the relevancy of your reach
  3. Use stories as a reminder of new posts on your Instagram account
  4. Use highlights to describe your products or services
  5. Make announcements

Even though Instagram is still working on improving the analytics related to Instagram stories, according to Later, you should definitely use this approach in 2018. If you want to reach more customers then stories are the way to go.

2. Prepare a Hashtag Strategy

Prepare a Hashtag Strategy for Instagram

Using Instagram for business means that you need to do a quality research to find the best hashtags and capitalize on their usage in the best possible way. Hashtags will help you reach new customers all the time. The tricky part is that you need to find out which ones are relevant for your target audience. Unfortunately, you will have to test for a certain period of time various hashtags and find out what works the best. On the other hand, fortunately, the process can be fun and educative for you and your business.

There are three types of strategies for hashtags. These are:

  1. Brand specific
  2. Trending
  3. Content hashtags

The best strategy combines all of the three together.

3. Videos and Gifs

Instagram for business has to be a combo of two things: images and videos. Videos and gifs have high levels of engagement as well and offer valuable entertainment to your target audience. Having a versatile type of content on your page is very important. However, the golden rule that you always have to implement is to offer value. Consistent content and value can help you build a solid Instagram presence.

If you are in the B2C industry having an Instagram account is a must. There are no better platforms than Facebook and Instagram to reach your target audience. Instagram can be valuable even if you are B2B, you just need to be more creative and find out where your target audience can be found. Act now, today is the day to leave all your doubts and open an Instagram account. It can really help you.

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