Great Gifts for When You’re in the Doghouse

Can you feel an icy chill in the house, even though the temperature’s the same as normal?

Is your significant other replying to everything you say with words of one syllable, or worse still – with complete silence?

Is snuggle time off limits? Dinner plans being called off? Even that big vacation threatened with cancelation?

Oh no! It sounds like you’re in the doghouse.

There’s No Need to Panic

There’s No Need to Panic

We won’t ask you what it was you did. That’s between you and your boo.

But we’re still going to try and help. Here are some ideas for great gifts to give your less-than-impressed life partner. The right gesture should – fingers crossed – help you get out of that cold and draughty doghouse.

Good luck. You’re going to need it!

Flowers? Sure. But Put Some Thought Into It

If you’ve been getting the silent treatments for days now, a wilting bouquet that you bought from a gas station isn’t going to cut it.

Think about your honeymoon or the first trip abroad together – no doubt you both remember it as a wonderful experience. You can buy flowers in the colors of that country’s flag.

Or maybe think of a number with a special significance to your relationship and buy that exact number of stems.

You could also do a bit of research about the meaning of each flower type. We all know red roses stand for love. But did you know that daffodils signify “new beginnings”? Perfect when you want to say this will never happen again.

Put Some Thought Into It

Turn a Loved-Up Photo into a Special Memento

Go through your photos and pick out a special picture that shows the two of you together. One that you both always loved, and that sums up exactly why your love is so precious.

You can turn one of these photo favorites into a canvas print. This will make a perfect “I’m sorry” gift that shows thought and real emotion.

Canvas prints from come ready stretched on a wooden frame, so you can hang up your big and bold new print right there in your living space. It’ll be a perfect reminder – for both of you – of the good times.

Or try framed photo prints for an extra-sophisticated look. Your romantic photo will be presented like a real gallery exhibit, with a top-quality frame and pure-white mount – plus a pane of acrylic glass to keep it in pristine condition.

If You Can’t Handle the Heat…

…get in the kitchen.

Cooking a surprise fancy meal could be just what you need to start the thawing-out process in your relationship.

Don’t get carried away with romantic candles and other cutesy tableware. This isn’t Valentine’s Day, it’s your chance to show that you’re ready to pull your weight in this partnership. So concentrate on performance over frills.

Of course, cakes and other sweet treats will always be hard to resist. An apologetic message in icing could raise the first smile you’ve seen in days.

If you’ve got the skills, you could even try baking a simple “sorry” right through the cake itself. Kind of a high-risk strategy, but this isn’t the time to be timid.

If You Can’t Handle the Heat

And Remember…

You don’t want to be in this same situation a few months down the line. Even if your apology is accepted this time, there’s no guarantee the magic will work twice.

You know what’s the best way to make sure your next stay in the doghouse doesn’t become a permanent residency? Avoid ending up there in the first place.

So if you really want to make amends, the best gift you can give is to work on yourself.

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