Grow Your Instagram Followers The Right Way With These Helpful Tips

Marketing has always been centered around a few basic tenants. One of the main ones that get harped on over and over is visibility. When you’re visible, you cast a wide net to a targeted demographic. These days, we do this through social media. Instagram is the way the world markets their products now.

It doesn’t matter if you are a giant multinational corporation, or a mom and pop startup trying to get by. Everybody uses Instagram. Anybody with a smartphone can access it, and with hashtags and affiliate links, one can position themselves for massive growth. If you’re looking to grow your followers for whatever your needs may be, here are some great tips.

Grow your Instagram followers

Professional Guidance

There is an unspoken secret in the social media world. Not very many people are willing to speak about it because there’s an illusion foot online, but most successful people have had help. A lot of help. When you want to grow your Instagram and increase your engagement, you’re talking about bringing together minds from multiple disciplines and backgrounds to analyze the climate and content that you have to put out.

It’s the best thing you can do for your image, brand, and company. When one talks about “social media management” what they really mean is a two-pronged approach: growth and maintenance. Most people focus on the latter. The former, on the other hand, is always a concerted effort.

Focus On Your Demographic

As much as possible, build your base with a specific demographic. If you’re going to try and build your social media following based on a loose “this is for everyone” interpretation of your content, you’re going to go nowhere, fast. More likely Than not, you’re going for 18-35, young professionals. That’s the main demographic on Instagram anyway. The younger crowd is focused on TikTok and Snapchat. The older crowd is sharing pseudoscience on Facebook. So know what message you’re sending out there and who, exactly, it will resonate with.

Focus On Demographic


Be generous. When you make connections online and try to promote more and more people through your platform, others will see it and do the same. Building a rapport with other people coming up with you online is key. The world is big enough for everyone. Unless the person has the exact same podcast, idea, or product as you, there really is no reason to try and be alone as an island. Collectively elevating each other is how everyone gets successful. Who knows, if one of them breaks through and hits stratospheric fame, they might bring you along with the momentum. The same goes for them when you take off like a rocket.

Social media is the new frontier. It’s gotten every business, personality, celebrity, and comedian to really adapt and flex their social interaction muscles. Being accessible like that every day is a skill. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. The production value may not be pure Hollywood, but that’s not what social media is about anyway. It’s about authenticity. People respond to the “real”. With that, some help, a focused demographic, and friends, there’s no reason for your Instagram not to grow.

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