Latest Trends In Designing Your Outdoor Space

A well-designed outdoor space allows homeowners to take their parties outside. Gone are those days when they need to decorate indoors or do some serious major cleanup because guests will be coming over for a celebration. Relax, grab your best bottles of wine, some beef and any grill-worthy food so you can now host the best party outdoors.

But, how do you design the best outdoor space? The following are some of the latest trends.

Decked-out Front Porches

Decked-out Front Porches

Decked-out front porches may no longer sound new if you are living in a coastal area. But, if you’re within the city this kind of outdoor design will surely amaze everyone. A decked-out front porch works as a stopping point before your guests will be able to see what’s inside your home which can also be just as breathtaking.

The guys from FeatureDECO suggests the use of rattan sofa sets to enhance the overall look of your porch. Add in porch swings, curtains, planters, and attractive rugs and you will find your guests feeling so relaxed and contented just by staying outdoors. When neighbors get to spend more time outdoors while sipping a cup of tea together or drinking a glass of smoothie, a true sense of community will also be created.

Outdoor Bars

Outdoor bars serve as a perfect place to entertain your guests and to spend the weekend with your family. These outdoor bars can either be a standalone feature, or an integrated part of your outdoor kitchen. Depending on how much you are willing to splurge, you can have everything brand new or design it with repurposed materials such as barrels and pallets.

You may also have your outdoor bar in a modified shed or repurposed playhouse. Others prefer their outdoor bars to be a part of their customized kitchen where a narrow countertop is linked via a pass-through window. Just see to it that your outdoor patio has everything you need for an enjoyable place to hang out with your family, friends and colleagues.

Outdoor Bars

Paver Walkway

An elaborate pave way created with the use of interlocking concrete pavers will certainly make the best landscape decor for your outdoor space. Not to mention the fact that it also adds to the functionality and usefulness of your front or back yard. Ask for help from a professional landscape artist if you want a more aesthetically stunning walkway that have patterned pavers. But, if you think you have the skills necessary to build a paver walkway, go ahead and have it as a DIY job. Add some flowers and other beautiful decorative to make it look even more attractive and welcoming.

When designing your outdoor space, think about the future. Always set aside enough space for any large equipment that may enter or exit your yard for repair or home renovations. When you leave enough space for things like this, you will not run the risk of destroying your fully developed and well-designed outdoor space just because there’s an equipment that couldn’t pass through your gate.

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