Asian Fashion Brands You Probably Never Heard Of

Asia has quickly become a place for trendy wearable fashion items. A lot of these Asian brands have a different concept from being basic to a fusion style of clothing But when it comes to recognition, they are only getting less time in the limelight. With over half of the world’s population, Asia is the home to some of the most creative, innovative, and artistic minds. Jimmy Choo and Vera Wang are few of the Asian icons who succeeded in the fashion industry and were able to conquer the global market. Here are some of the Asian fashion brands you probably never heard before but absolutely must try.

Wardrobe Fashion

Moon J

Moon J is a womenswear label created in London but later moved its base to South Korea. Designed by Jinhee Moon, who at that time just graduated from London College of Fashion. It offers clothes that are modern with playful design and texture and that are made up of different color combinations. Moon J was selected to be part of London Fashion Week in 2015 and was chosen as one of Vogue Italia’s 200 rising designers of 2014. The Asian brand was also invited to Vogue Italia and Yoox Net-a-porter project, “The Next Talents”, which highlights new and emerging designers.

Dim. E Cres

Dim. E Cres is another Korean brand founded by Hongbum Kim in 2009. The brand name means “crescendo e diminuendo” which means getting louder and gradually getting softer. They offer high-quality items that focus on luxury streetwear and flowing silhouettes. They have graphic t-shirts like the one you can see from Kenzo T-shirt Men’s that every gentleman would like to have. They also include casual wear and cut off pants in their collection. If you are the type of person who wants to dive in and try basic streetwear, you would likely find a lot with Dim. E Cres.

Fashion Accessories


Pomelo is a fast-fashion brand launched in 2013 by the former managing director of Lazada, David Jou. Pomelo entered the clothing industry as a vertically integrated and digitally native fashion brand, making it available to over 50 countries globally. The company wants to enable people to shop online and send their purchases to the physical store for proper fitting. This has been a key success of Pomelo as it can be done anywhere while giving customers the chance to experience the convenience of online shopping and offline service. One good thing about this brand is that they hire their designers locally to innovate local ideas. The price point of this brand is also affordable compared to Western brands such as Zara and H&M.


One of the issues the fashion industry is facing today is all about ethical sourcing. Consumers nowadays are becoming smarter and brands need to keep up and find a better solution for these issues. It can be difficult to find a brand that offers cheap finds but also satisfy your beliefs in terms of sustainability. However, there is one brand that stood up and went in the right direction. Aanya is a Hong-Kong based fashion brand. Their clothes are made in India and are ethically sourced. It offers Bohemian-style clothing for women.

Reverse Studio

Reverse Studio is founded by Karina Widjaja from Indonesia and Karina Pricilla Tjoa from Singapore. The brand focuses on relaxed, effortless styles. Their clothes are made up of expensive materials such as wool and silk organza. They also aim to offer their own interpretation of “power dressing” by creating pieces that are feminine but modern in style. Co-founder Karin has a degree at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and worked with Balmain in Paris for quite some time.

Fashion Brands


Founded in 2015, Blindness targets people who want to experiment and try new things. The brand is going for millennials who want to express their feelings through wearable clothing. Their clothes have elevated staples with edgy cuts. They also offer frenzy, Renaissance-inspired, and floral outfits. But if you don’t prefer the vibrancy the brand offers, there are plenty of outfits from basic outerwear to woolen trousers to help you create a more basic look.

Lantern Sense

This Asian brand was founded by Trevor Ng and Lala Yang in Hong Kong in 2014. Both shared the love for digital painting and photography giving birth to Lantern Sense. The clothes offer clean and refined cuts, with interesting prints with a touch of modern design. They use sustainable fabrics for their collections that any woman who is mindful of their purchase can appreciate. The unique prints on their clothes show how much they love fashion.

These are just among the many brands for you to check out there. Who knows one of these brands might be the next fashion icon and conquer the global market.

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