Make Your Wedding Look Incredible Without Going Broke

When planning a wedding, everything should be perfect and exactly how you envisioned it. From venue to food, transport, clothing, entertainment and photography, nothing should be left out. It is also important to determine how much the wedding will cost.

To avoid going broke, discuss your finances with your partner and create a realistic budget that covers all important aspect. Here are a few tips you can use to plan an incredible wedding without exceeding your financial limits.

Planning a Dream Wedding

1. Determine How Much You Can Raise for The Wedding

The first step of planning an amazing wedding is determining how much money you can put up for the event. Are you both contributing towards the wedding and if so, how much is each partner giving? Will you get help from your families and friends? It is important to come up with a final number for the wedding as this will keep you in check. Once you know how much you can contribute, other decisions become easier to make.

2. Create a Budget for The Amount You Can Raise

The next step is to create a spreadsheet list of everything you need at the wedding. This should be a non-bounded list that includes everything you have envisioned without worrying about the price. Include reception venues, food, entertainment, photography/videography, transport, security, wedding cakes, rings, clothes, invitations, decorations, gifts insurance and even the honeymoon. You should also set apart something for miscellaneous expenses. Once everything is on the list, sort through to determine the must-haves and those you can do without.

Create a Budget for The Wedding

3. Start Saving Early for The Wedding

Now that you know the amount you can afford and what the money is to be used for, you can start saving for the wedding early enough. Simply set up a separate account where you make contributions for the wedding. You can make monthly deposits or even cut down some expenditure and divert the money towards funding your wedding.

Reduce the number of special treats, daytime coffee, gym memberships and wild night outs that take up your money. You can resume the lifestyle after your wedding. If you only have a short time remaining, extend the engagement and push your wedding back a little bit to give you more time to plan and save.

4. Use Family and Friends Services Where You Can

As the big day approaches, consider using your friends and family services wherever you can. Instead of hiring expensive florists and decorators, find someone within your circle with such interests and give them the opportunity to decorate your wedding. You can also find a friend to officiate the wedding and save up to $400.

Use your own caterers instead of formal catering. Simply look into your friends, family and acquaintances. You may know someone with a great location, a wedding store, fine dining knowledge, wedding planning experience, wedding boutique or even a jewelry store. People will generally offer a helping hand or discounts to friends and family members, especially for their wedding.

Use Family and Friends Services

5. Negotiate Lower Deals and Prices for Everything

There is no reason why you should not bargain for every service you hire on your wedding day. From catering to photography, venue fees to food and any other resource you might use, there is always room to negotiate lower prices.

You can go for inexpensive wedding bands and rings, rent the tucks and wedding dresses instead of buying new ones and even cut down the photography and videography hours to capture only the special moments of the wedding. Use simple print invitations instead of the plush feathered imprints. There are opportunities to cut cost everywhere.

Weddings are all about great planning and budgeting. Once you know what you want to achieve, you can start looking into affordable alternatives that will still look incredible. You can also cut corners and facilitate some of the services to negotiate lower prices with any vendor.

However, make sure you have the right setup to avoid mishaps on your wedding day. More importantly, have an open realistic conversation with your partner and all those involved to determine the best way to conduct the wedding without hurting your finances.

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